Taking Stock—Making Employees Owners; As Award or by Purchase; Shows Commitment & Belief; Risk Less An Issue;


Companies should adopt a process to make employees owners;
Employees want more benefits & involvement
Employees today desire more than just a paycheck.
Want to feel that they are contributing to something.

As Stockholders Not easy to give workers part of the company
Culture of ownership, you can minimize employee turnover;
Motivates your staff to work harder for those interested in ownership.
They want to feel that they are contributing to something.
Can minimize employee turnover and motivate staff to work harder

Employees have the option to own a company through two common methods–
1) Offered stock as part of the founding of the company & employment;
2) Shares purchased independently, or the organization has an ESOP-like in place;

List of the Pros of Employee Owned Companies:

1. It gives an organization the opportunity to rule by consensus instead of through dictation.

2. You can take advantage of several tax and investment benefits..

3. It offers employees a stronger initiative to achieve successful outcomes.

4. You can get use an ESOP as an exit plan if needed.

5. It can reduce the turnover rate for the organization.

6. You have more control over the internal mechanisms in play for the company

Business Magazine puts this advantage like this. “Employees today desire more than just a paycheck;

6,200 companies offer some kind of stock ownership
10.2 M Workers have stock valued at $301 B

“You Work for a Company. Should You Own It, Too?” –

14 Significant Pros and Cons Employee Owned Companies–

14 Significant Pros and Cons Employee Owned Companies

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