Hey Bro—Time to Man Up –Men Cause Abortions & Pregnancies; Take Responsibility for What You Did; Men Probably Know But Are No Consequences;


Most unintended pregnancies result from not using contraception;
Or from not using it consistently or correctly.

Scare the Hell Out of men who seek to have sex at will;
Set up new system where men have to share burdens of unwanted pregnancies;
Men should take responsibility for what they caused;
Men often don’t know, and don’t ask, and don’t think to ask, if they’ve making babies at all.
Why? Because there are zero consequences for men who cause unwanted pregnancies;
They may never think of it, or associate their sex drive with

How do men deal with unplanned pregnancy?

 Tips for Men Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy
  1. Remain calm. An unintended pregnancy can rattle even the most grounded of individuals. …
  2. Remember you are in this together. …
  3. Know your options. …
  4. Be supportive of her decision. …
  5. And most importantly, learn from this experience.

Men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies. Period.


U.S. women aged 15–49 in 2018 were sexually active;
Were not seeking to become pregnant. Probably same today.

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