Patient, Heal Thyself–Wearable Technology Transforming Heath Care; Patients Use to Care for Themselves More; Time to Prepare; Payoff in Money & Well Being Are There;


Can You Quantify Yourself? Use Wearables to Help You;
Need & way to diagnose & treat people As Individuals;
Should Enable People to Provide Care for Themselves;
Will shape a forthcoming revolution in health care —

Use  of Wearable Technology to establish care plan for patients;
Wearable Technology such as Apple watch can detect heart arrhythmia
Smart watches, fitness trackers, & wearable detect 7,500 variables;
Wearables & AI out to revolutions & reshape healthcare;
3 ways–Early diagnosis, personalized treatment & chronic disease management;
Creates data that leads to solutions such as care for diabetes;
People must understand what is happening with their data;

The quantified self: Wearable devices are connecting health care to daily life
• One ring to rule them all: Wearable devices measure a growing array of health indicators
• Killer apps, saving lives: Apps interpreting data from wearable devices are helping people to live better
• Digital therapeutics: Some health apps are able not just to diagnose diseases, but also to treat them
• The pulse of the people: Data from wearable devices are changing disease surveillance and medical research

The Economist 05 07 22
Technology Quarterly


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