Tech Warfare in Future is Probably Here; Leaders Seek to Prevent a Great Powers War; Secretary of Defense Says Prepare for New Warfare;



West Point grads told to prepare for new warfare;
World to be more unstable; Significant conflict emerging;
Grads to bear responsibility to make sure we are ready;
U.S. is no longer unchallenged World power;

Long range precise weaponry; & new advanced technology;
U.S. rushing hi tech weapons to Ukraine;
Cannot cling to weapons of past: Warfare changing in next 25 years;
Use of artillery is prevalent in Ukraine; Soon more drones;
Critical Weapon is Shoulder launched Kamikaze Switchblade drone;
Will also be relying on robotic tanks, ships & airplanes;
Also on Synthetic fuels, 3D Manufacturing, & human engineering;

26,000 U.S. Troops were killed in 6 weeks in WW Two;

Milley tells West Point cadets technology will transform war–

From Mark Milley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff -Speech at West Point Graduation;

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