Can We Just Take Action Together? Is That Possible? We Better; Need New Big Disruptive Crisis to Unite Us; Author Lays Out Responses; Start By Fixing a Broken System;


Need a crisis that’s so destructive it forces us to respond fast, and together — like World War II.
To fix this broken system, we need a major crisis-
Yes, Another one, even bigger
Like another pandemic, climate change, or Big Tech implosion;
But it must be a crisis that’s so destructive it forces us to respond fast & act together —
The kind of crisis that created the international system we have today & kept the peace until now.

The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats & Our Response Will Change the World
Author Bremmer advances three looming challenges
And what we should do about them
So we are not caught unprepared when the Big One hits.

The good news?
Political leaders, business decision-makers, and individual citizens are already collaborating to tackle all these crises.
The question that should keep us awake is whether they will work well and quickly enough to limit the fallout
Can we use these crises to innovate our way toward a better world.?

What this book seeks to deliver:

The Power of Crisis provides a roadmap for surviving—even thriving in—the 21st century.
Bremmer shows governments, corporations, & concerned citizens how
We can use these coming crises to create the worldwide prosperity & opportunity
20th-century globalism promised but failed to deliver.





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