No Way to Get Rid of Plastics; Used in Every Part of Lives; Appears to be No Alternatives for Packaging; No Way Now to Replace; Or Even Recycle Effectively;

Plastic is in every aspect of our lives;
We cannot live without it at present time;
Plastics today are a 20th Century invention;
Even Packaging industry could account for 20% of oil production by 2050;
Today, the packaging industry is by far the biggest user of virgin plastic;
Even used in buildings, transport, and other vital infrastructure;
Furniture, appliances, TVs, carpets, phones, clothes, & everyday objects.
Plastic is used in gloves, tubing, syringes, blood bags, sample tubes and food management;

No readily replacement for plastic in supply chain of all goods;
Need for a change of habits, packaging, re-use, & storage;
supermarket supply chains are optimized for selling packaged produce,
Need shorter food chains; better food storage methods; & less waste.
Includes glass bottles having a higher overall environmental impact
Recycling of plastic bottles; Reuse of plastic containers;

8,300 million tonnes of virgin plastic produced up to the end of 2015
6,300 million tonnes has been discarded since; .


1) Plastic has seeped into every aspect of our existence. Can we live without it?


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