Lessons Learned From Droughts Not All Wet– Most Promises for Water by CA Kept; Droughts Produce Policy; Tendency is to backslide After Drought; CA Could Reduce Water Usage by 48%;


There are action-ables that CA can take’
Conserve water Where Ever Possible
Manage Ground water & rain water capture;

1. Cutbacks in water usage overall;
2. Set up Water capture & reuse;
3. Make Preservation of water conservation practices;
4. Upgraded appliances & electricity use;
5. Better management of groundwater;
6. Focus on Environmental Management including fish production;
7. Capture rain water before it reaches ocean;

Some Good News;
Trees don’t actually require that much water, and watering trees is affordable.
It only costs around $3 per month to water a mature tree;

102 M trees died during last drought;


1) Lessons learned from the last drought


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