Feeling Down & Burned Out? Reenergize Yourself; List What is Taking Up Your Time Now. Remember Your Purpose, Goals, & Dreams;  Seek Encouragement;


We all fall into work ruts at times.
Rather than trying to power through these moments,
Take a proactive approach to managing your energy.


Create “a wall of encouragement.”

  • Here are some simple ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re feeling down.
  • Write your purpose on a post-it.
  • This might be your overall career purpose (why you’ve chosen the profession that you are in) or a micro purpose
  • What’s motivating you to do a great job on a particular project or task).
  • Keep it at your desk as a constant visual reminder of why you do what you do
  • Especially when things are exhausting or stressful.
    Take & seek to act on any messages of encouragement, awards, positive feedback,
  • Even memes that make you laugh and put them near your desk or store them in a digital folder.
  • Look at them when you need to feel re-energized and appreciated;
  • Write up a “to-don’t” list.
  • What things are you currently doing that are sucking up your energy?
  • Identify which ones you can stop doing and put them on a list.
  • These might be certain people that you decide not to see,
  • Or habits that you want to break, or tedious tasks that can be automated or delegated.
    Read the full article: “Stop Trying to Manage Your Time.”

Try These Simple Approaches to Re-Energize Yourself

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