Hoe This Row, Moe -Now Precision Agriculture—The Application of Information Technology; Provides Data for Ag Farming Decisions; Ultimately Manages Crop Production in Corporate Farming;


Assist in management decisions using high technology sensor and analysis tools.
Precision Agriculture is new concept adopted throughout the world
Increases production, reduce labor time,
Ensures effective management of fertilizers & irrigation processes.


1) Precision Ag relies on monitoring crop status by observing & measuring variables
Includes soil condition, plant health, fertilizer & pesticide effect, irrigation, & crop yield.
2) Utilization of remote sensing (RS) systems such as hyper-spectral imaging
3) Produce precise biophysical indicator maps across the various cycles of crop development.
4) RS is a rapidly expanding technology implemented in various agricultural applications.
5) Uses imaging spectroscopy in large continuous narrow bands
6) provides information for understanding biophysical & biochemical properties of agricultural plants.

The future applications of GNSS in precision agriculture operations know no bounds.
Geo-positioning in agriculture along with additional data
Such as vehicle status, soil properties, crop health,
Fertilizer requirements provide the knowledge base for decision-making
Management to improve productivity, safety, & quality;
While reducing cost & environmental impact



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