Get Off My Lanai; Or Front Porch for Larry Ellison; Bot the Island & Now Taking Over All Services; Locals Leaving; Closing Businesses; Upscaling What Was Once Pineapple Fields;


NOTE: Lanai is Hawaiian word for Porch

Gradually Getting Rid of Businesses & Re-Building the Island;
Ellison is every body’s boss & landlord –so no alternatives;
Gives little explanation for actions
No good way to stay on Ellison’s good side;

Ellison wants to turn Lanai into a sustainable enterprise;
Locals no longer take him at his word;
Looks like Lanai becoming Play Ground for Rich;

Ellison has spent $90B to improve the Island;
$300 M purchase came with 98% of Lanai’s 90,000 acres, +
Plus two Four Seasons resorts

Business Week Cover Story;“ Losing Paradise”













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