EGADs!!— Can’t Do That Anymore; Growing Older Brings Big Changes; Regrets & Restoration Resurface; Need for Guide, Mentor, Parent, or Adult Along the Way to Do Right Things;



At some point–one becomes aware of things that should have been done or not;
Gain awareness of need for guidance as one grows older;

Old age sneaks up on you. You are 65 before you know it.


Experts generally break down the age-ing process into 5 stages:
  • Stage 1: Independence.
  • Stage 2: Interdependence.
  • Stage 3: Dependency.
  • Stage 4: Crisis Management.
  • Stage 5: End of Life.

What Happens? 

  • Aging people seem to get more outward-minded and less inward-minded
  • As we age, the value we place on ourselves relative to others goes down;

SOURCE: Things No One Tells You About Aging

“14 Things No One Tells You About Aging”


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