How “Coal” Is That? It’s Either More Coal Rather Than More Russia; Coal Makes a Comeback as World Thirsts for Energy: Demand Is There;


COAL Production

Tight fuel supplies following Russia’s war;
Lead countries back to the dirtiest fossil fuel,
Russia’s war has increased shortages of fuel;
2021, world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to highest level of 36.3 B tons
Strong recovery in global economy & wider use of coal for power generation made it happen;.

Short term purchases of coal being made;
Prices to new high causing shortages;
Lead to competition for high quality coal
Climate activist concerned about coal use;
Restart of coal energy plants in several countries;

Coal emits twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas;
Carbon dioxide emissions rose to highest level of 36.3 billion tons,

“ Coal Makes a Comeback…” \”


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