You Gotta Be Kidding? You Work for Big Tobacco? Somebody Has to Work for Bad Companies; Was Done For Money & Filling a Need;

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Why do people work for companies that are “bad”?
Fewer boards than bosses in virtuous industries.
Employees often proud of their jobs in bad companies.
Known as “sin industries”—booze, gambling, tobacco and so on.


Some say pay is the reason—Executives demand.
People work there out of choice
Or Free Market Narrative
An attitude that I am going to do it no matter.
People who do this work think of it as important
Being hostile can cause worker to bind with Tobacco;
Attitudes change; Hostility binds,

Companies With Bad Reputations At The Start Of 2021
• Philip Morris.
• Sears.
• Comcast.
• Facebook.
• Goldman Sachs.


Why employees want to work in vilified industries –

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