You Might As Well Just Chill; Do Nothing; Wait for a Soft Landing: So Principal Focus Is Just Chill; Sit & Watch; Inflation & Interest Slowed


Period of dismal performance, and rising rates was experienced
High inflation, war, rising interest rates & the threat of recession contributed
People tend to want to present losses by making moves;
As market goes up & down – they seek to control outcome;
The Stock Market Goes Up & then down; Does one chase it?
Inflation rise has peaked;

Market goes up and down suddenly
Do Nothing;
Just Sit tight & wait
Don’t Chase the tracking of the Market(s)
Market has & will come back before ;
Buying & selling at right time is going to happen.
No Matter is the rule;
Go back to basics of investing
Ignore the shifts in the markets

NYT 08 28 22 Sunday
“Unless You Have a Crystal Ball”

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