Lack of Gender Diversity & More Women Leading Automotive Industry May Be All About The Money

The time has come. There is a need for the automotive industry leaders to seek to deal with the underlying cause(s) of gender imbalance and disparity in automotive management .
There seems to be a some kind of lid on surfacing and talking about the reasons why they need to change things. Some say it would be career ending move if a leading woman or women to speak out.
Further, no industry organization, women’s association, or individual women or men seems to be acting, even demanding, that change(s) need to made and now.
Maybe If investors and funding infrastructure would underwrite and back female management and innovators, then things would change

How to Save Hertz– And Avis, Rent-A -Car Industry & Even Dealerships

Hertz is endanger of going out of business.
The once symbol and leader of the car rental industry is in peril as stock offerings are rejected, refinancing of debt looms in doubt, and the whole financial infrastructure that held the Hertz business model together is looking for ways to get out.
The lawyers have grabbed the wheel as knowledgeable industry consultants, rent-a-car management, and a battery of underwriters, analysts, and trade publications may well have the solution to save what is left of Hertz.
Remember Jose Menendez and then there was OJ ?

The High Cost of EV Batteries Impacting Manufacturer Sales Volume, Profits, & Replacement

The need for a low cost EV battery continues to be an industry challenge, even for Mighty Tesla.
Dozens of battery manufacturers around the world and at the OEMs are focused on using low-cobalt and cobalt-free battery chemistries & the use of chemical additives, materials and coating;
The high cost of an EV battery assembly and its replacement cost are impacting the sale of EVs, market penetration, and volume. The Pandemic has not helped.

Auto Market Sales to Blacks Decline Amid Pandemic, Daily Street Demonstrations, & Fewer Dealerships

Predictions are that prolonged COVID-19 Pandemic will sharply reduce total vehicle sales in 2020.
A quick recovery scenario where the economy & auto industry bounce back seems unlikely.
Analysts predict new vehicle sales will only reach 16.4 million. Automotive manufacturers & dealers working to align marketing initiatives toward the Black and Minority specific audiences.