GETTING BATTERY-ED ABOUT—Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Dominant in China Vehicles & Now At Tesla; Safety, Longevity, & Cost Makes LFP Batteries More Attainable;

Eureka– we have a battery that really works;

Half of vehicles produced globally were built with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries;

Increasingly popular lithium-ion battery chemistry tends to be safer & less expensive—

LFP became the dominant chemistry for batteries produced for Chinese EVs;

Made out of iron & phosphorus, both of which are more abundant & less expensive

LFP battery packs can cost less than $90 per kw;

Trade-offs include lower energy density, meaning lower range,

Had so far limited its use in EVs.

First was to produce an EV Battery with performance

Then cost reduction and supply.

Tell Me A True Story; Help Me See The Future; Narratives End Up As Our Truths: So We Have to Seek to Prepare For the Future; A Narrative is a Story about Something.

Tell me a story– and seek to make it the truth.

Use a narrative and tell me what it does.

Narratives have carved the paths of history;

Our narratives also bring out the best in us.

For decades now, people have been destabilizing the world,

We hav failed to imagine the consequences of our actions on our societies & our biosphere;

Global solutions begin with the right story or narrative;

Narratives shape our perceptions, form our realities & influence our choice.

Literature about narratives makes it clear that we think, act, & communicate in terms of narratives,

End up being the truths, or the ideas we accept as truths,

HELLO Dolly–Goodbye 9 to 5; Now It is About Work Place Flexibility–Where You Are & When You Do Work; Work is Working. You Decide & Get It Done.

Work when you want? Crazy idea?

Will it work?

Can flexibility and productivity occur like at office?

Looks like it–

People want to decide where and how they work.

And they want to set their work hours & tasks;

Let them set up Work Flexibility to foster work productivity..

Such as Flextime is becoming the employee handbook buzzword.

Practice it is not widely used. Some roles are legitimately time-framed;

Adopt schedules for employees to work at times best for them.

People can manage themselves.

Gotta Have That New Vehicle? How to Cope With New Sticker Shock at Your Local Dealership. Use Build to Order From the Factory; Being Patient Works Well With Price, Planning, & Product;

Wait a few days and your special ordered vehicle will be here;

How to deal with the pricing of vehicles in dealer inventory?

Dealer should seek to convince the buyer to order the vehicle they really want;

In most cases, buyer could wait a few days for the vehicle that want to be built;

“Build to Order” has never really be adopted by dealer or customers.

Dealer has to have the sale & customer needs wheels;

Many times they could just wait for vehicle to be built, get a loaner-rental, or be patient;

Need to remove a sense of urgency from the vehicle sales process

Is Your Car Melting in Your Garage? Cars Have Been Like a Block of Ice that Melts or Depreciates Over Time;’ No More Not Now;

Do your really need a newer, preowned vehicle?

If so, the cost vs purchase elements may confound you.

Start with the inventory crunch
Has occurred as demand for pre-owned vehicles rises;

Scarcity of Pre-owned vehicle drive up prices;

Buyers are getting more for their trade-ins; But paying more for next purchase.

Created a ripple effect;

Giving consumers more trade in value but higher replacement cost.

OEMs Focusing on Pre-Owned Vehicle Market; GM & Ford Moving Dealers to Take on Carvana & CarMax; GM Seeks Market for Smaller Dealers;

Note that Preowned vehicles are hot– in demand

Non GM dealers lost money in market sales fight;

CarMax and Carvana collectively lost $3.6 B in market value in 2021 or of late.

Largest Retailer, CarMax, had 2% of total auto sales in 2021;
Spent big on advertising –Carvana & CarMax spent $300 M in 2020.

Trade Ins are major source of inventory.

GM fought back by launching Car Bravo to sell more used vehicles on line.

Ford did signage and dealer support

Recycling of EV Batteries to be Big for Ford, Automakers, & Redwood. Industry Stops Throwing Away Spent EV Batteries. Sees Sustainable Future in Recycling.

Battery recycling—with EV adoption set to surge in the coming years.

Ford invested $50 million in Redwood Materials, an EV battery recycling firm.
Battery recycling is key to building a sustainable all-electric future
Supply of necessary metals is finite.

Presently cheaper to make batteries from newly mined materials than recycled ones.

Experts expect the economics to change as lead batteries are phased out,

Not Solid Yet; Solid State Batteries Have 50% Greater Energy Density, More Range. Lower Cost, Lighter, & Faster Charge Time But Battery Packs For Cars Are Far From Ready Even With Big Promise

Things are not solid yet with solid state batteries for EVs.
Solid-state batteries promise to offer greater energy density compared to lithium batteries.
Not yet being used in the production of mass-market cars ’til at least 2023;
Companies are mostly working on the technology of solid state batteries at the cell level.
And the batteries are expected to be significantly higher priced than lithium-ion.
Ford & BMW led a $130M Series B investment round in solid-state battery startup. So this is the future.

Is the Time Approaching When The Dealer Franchise Dealer Business Model Is Forced To Change? The Impact of EVs, COVID, On-line Sales, & Disruptors?

Is the automotive dealer franchise business model about to change?
Sales business model Impacted by transition to EVs from Fuel based vehicles changing dealer role & services.
COVID & EVs are changing what car dealerships do and their role in auto usage.
Coming years will force car dealerships to rethink & redo their business models.
High cost of maintaining large staffs & real estate means no more showrooms.
Customers no longer need to go to showrooms or service centers.


The basic premise behind getting rid of the vernacular and certain terminology
associated with the sale of a vehicle is that “There is no such thing as a deal with a car purchase”
Visionary franchised and independent automotive retailers have an opportunity to act & change.
The discontinuance of the use of these words maybe the next breakthrough for auto retailers.
Perhaps the emergence of online sales and COVID vehicle sales process will accelerate a whole new way to acquire the use of a vehicle

The Dirty Little Secret of White Oil- Running Out of Sources for Lithium? Mounting Alarm for Rechargeable Batteries & EV Market; Australian Mining To the Rescue?

The size, sources, & supply of lithium seems to be a “dirty little secret”
Conflicting reports on sourcing causing race to find a steady source of lithium
Lithium is the key component in rechargeable electric car batteries.
Almost every ounce of battery-grade lithium is imported to U.S. & Europe.
The U.S. goal for EV production prompts the urgency of getting a lithium supply unleashed in a mining boom.
Claims being made that the Race for “white oil” threatens to cause damage to the natural environment & price wars.
Lithium supply is set to triple by 2025.
Will the global electric vehicle market manage the supply & demands factors?

Vehicle Insurance Underwriters Set Rates Based on Usage

User Based Insurance is catching on with Underwriters .
Underwriting rates based on real driver behaviors data..
Usage-based insurance is being adopted by major vehicle underwriters,
Metromile uses artificial intelligence & machine learning technology lead the way.
Major vehicle insurance companies using AI and Machine learning to set rates
Companies like Metromile are putting connected devices in vehicles. Then uses generated driver data to personalize quotes.

Come On– Hyundai Buying Talented Robots to Make Walking Cars?

Remember seeing Spot moving boxes & materials around and looking cool?
Robots like the signature dog have been developed by Boston Dynamics in the last 28 years.
The Boston Dynamics enamored Google, Softbank, and now Hyundai to seeks to buy the company for $1B.
Meantime, BD’s robots are known for fluid movements & human like machines including Spot, the Robot Dog, a You Tube sensation.
Nobody knows what Hyundai will do with BD. Maybe talk of a Walking cars is being taken seriously.

It is Going. As GM Goes So Goes the EV Market

GM intends to continue to be a global automotive source & brand.
So GM is transitioning to & investing heavily in electric vehicles.
In the next 5 years, seeks to be the major source of EV cars & trucks.
Investing $27B by 2025 & set to take on Tesla.
Seeks to refashion itself as a mobility company of the future.
EV revolution could trigger the eventual AV revolution in vehicle market.

Hydrogen Pumped Up As “Clean” Fuel Prospect

What is going to be your fuel of choice in the next 5 years? Probably not fossil.
Hydrogen seeks to be a contender– BUT when is it going to be commercially available & affordable?
The production capability seems to be available from at least 4 major companies.
Green hydrogen is being toted by these consolidating commercial gas industry producers.
But there needs to a lower cost of hydrogen fuel production & distribution drive market & usage.

Making Air Mobility Projects Fly Challenged by High Costs, Safety Concerns, & Battery Weight; Auto Makers Acting Natural & Taking Flying Lessons

Can flying machines overcome the problems of vehicle traffic?
GM & Asians is looking into aviation, flying taxis, & considering future of air mobility.
Wants to examine possibility of electrification, autonomy, & connected services.
High costs, safety concerns, and regulations may limit deployment. Even battery weight.
Innovation in  battery technology spurred by electric cars making air mobility look possible.

Australian Battery Tech Working in Utility Market: But Tesla Batt Day Suggests Hornsdale & Other Battery Sources & Types to be Tested & Possibly Utilized.

In spite of success and utilization of the Hornsdale batteries, there seems to be Tesla need for more power & long charge.
Number of other battery technologies are in development.
Battery costs continuing to fall & renewable power sources proliferating.
Cobalt-free iron phosphate design that could cost as little as $80 per kWh.
Tesla hoping batteries can function for million miles before being replaced.

EV’s Are Expensive Because of the Cost of Lithium Batteries. Recycled Batteries Could Make EV’s More Affordable Using New Technology & Smelting Process.

EVs are expensive because of the cost of the minerals that compose the batteries.
However, there maybe a solution.
Batteries can be recycled through smelting, direct recovery, & other means
Companies like Li-Cycle using advanced recycling technologies to recover up to 100 % of lithium.
Effort is to use old batteries to provide new products & services & to use recycled EV batteries to make new batteries.

EV Makers Looking to Startups for Innovation As Logistics Supply Providers Lag Behind in Technology; EV Issues Similar to ICE Vehicles; Safety & Power of Batteries Expensive;

This report from an internationally known & respected publisher-editor spells out the current position of global logistics.
While Technology is very important it seems that all logistics companies are quite behind on technology.
The content of this report should cause global logistics management to have a wake up call.

Agility Robot Delivering Package

Rivaling Robots: Spot & Fluffy to Build Ford Cars Without Joining UAW; While Competitor’s, Digi, Delivers Packages the Last Mile Out of Robot-Built Ford Vans.

No Robots in the UAW Yet But Robots are paying their dues.
Robots at Ford’s Van Dyke Transmission Plant are performing tasks that point to future of automation & hopes of saving money.
Agility Inc’s robot, Digi, is then delivering packages out of a Ford van built by Boston Dynamics Two Robots.
Distributing and delivering goods is likely to be an important application for walking robots.

Logistics Management Alert–Top Ten Lessons Learned From Watching Logistic Service Providers for Years

Whole industries and all those in logistics management who move goods and products should absorb these Ten Lessons.
This insightful and seasoned distillation of the realities of logistics and supply management is a must read.
In fact, the list should be saved, printed out, and posted on your office wall. And acted upon in mass.
These guidelines were shaped, positioned, and documented by the respected Louis Yiakoumi, Founder & Publisher of Auto Logistics Group.

Are Auto Dealers & The Franchise Business Model Dead Meat? (or at least Impossible Burgers)

Is the Automotive Dealer Business Model in peril?
Are changes in the way vehicles are being sold, the Pandemic, & technology signaling demise?
Dealers need to discuss how to adapt to an uncertain future where they will not have franchise protection.
Many say there is an urgent need to gather the industry leaders at or before NADA & come up with solutions.
Honest discussion & decisions based on either truly adapting & listening to the customers OR– simply selling out.
Some considering a Total Vehicle Management Offering that manages every aspect of consumer vehicles utilization.

Shell Company Raises Capital to Underwrite EV Truck-Car Development Using Creative Wall Street Private Equity SPAC Funding Mechanism

Investors in the stock underwriting business community create shell companies that have no operations.
These transitory financial entities are called a SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company.
Such financial structures are raising capital for investment in Nikola Trucks, Hylion, and Fisker Auto.
The SPAC is then transitioned to an IPO and placed on the Exchange for more investors.