EV Makers Looking to Startups for Innovation As Logistics Supply Providers Lag Behind in Technology; EV Issues Similar to ICE Vehicles; Safety & Power of Batteries Expensive;

This report from an internationally known & respected publisher-editor spells out the current position of global logistics.
While Technology is very important it seems that all logistics companies are quite behind on technology.
The content of this report should cause global logistics management to have a wake up call.

Agility Robot Delivering Package

Rivaling Robots: Spot & Fluffy to Build Ford Cars Without Joining UAW; While Competitor’s, Digi, Delivers Packages the Last Mile Out of Robot-Built Ford Vans.

No Robots in the UAW Yet But Robots are paying their dues.
Robots at Ford’s Van Dyke Transmission Plant are performing tasks that point to future of automation & hopes of saving money.
Agility Inc’s robot, Digi, is then delivering packages out of a Ford van built by Boston Dynamics Two Robots.
Distributing and delivering goods is likely to be an important application for walking robots.

Logistics Management Alert–Top Ten Lessons Learned From Watching Logistic Service Providers for Years

Whole industries and all those in logistics management who move goods and products should absorb these Ten Lessons.
This insightful and seasoned distillation of the realities of logistics and supply management is a must read.
In fact, the list should be saved, printed out, and posted on your office wall. And acted upon in mass.
These guidelines were shaped, positioned, and documented by the respected Louis Yiakoumi, Founder & Publisher of Auto Logistics Group.

Are Auto Dealers & The Franchise Business Model Dead Meat? (or at least Impossible Burgers)

Is the Automotive Dealer Business Model in peril?
Are changes in the way vehicles are being sold, the Pandemic, & technology signaling demise?
Dealers need to discuss how to adapt to an uncertain future where they will not have franchise protection.
Many say there is an urgent need to gather the industry leaders at or before NADA & come up with solutions.
Honest discussion & decisions based on either truly adapting & listening to the customers OR– simply selling out.
Some considering a Total Vehicle Management Offering that manages every aspect of consumer vehicles utilization.

Shell Company Raises Capital to Underwrite EV Truck-Car Development Using Creative Wall Street Private Equity SPAC Funding Mechanism

Investors in the stock underwriting business community create shell companies that have no operations.
These transitory financial entities are called a SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company.
Such financial structures are raising capital for investment in Nikola Trucks, Hylion, and Fisker Auto.
The SPAC is then transitioned to an IPO and placed on the Exchange for more investors.

Auto Loan & Lease Portfolio Data & Trends from Equifax Show Only Some Concern About Slowly Rising Delinquencies; No Stress or Duress

The financing and underwriting of auto loans and leases goes on- Pandemic or not,
The impact of the COVID19 shutdowns and dealership closures has not yet impacted the delinquencies appreciably.
Both Loan and Lease Portfolio companies have yet to become alarmed as funding digitization comes to rescue. Second Quarter numbers will be revealing.

Rough Roads & Aging Bridges Ahead: 45% of U.S. Highways & Bridges Are in Poor Condition; Drones Lead Pot Hole Detection

The question for national, state, & local governments is “Are you funding the needed repairs now?”
It is apparent that the nation’s highways and bridges are in a general state of deterioration & un-repair.
The need for the nation’s roads & bridges to be repaired & safe compounded by increase car travel due to Pandemic. This is a crisis in the making.

Graphene in Autos Using Generative Design Accelerates Future of Safer Street-Legal Race Car, Meds, & Bioelectric Devices.

Graphene, sometimes referred to as Graphite as used in pencils,
In spite of its complex structure may impact the safety of future automobiles.
Graphene has tremendous applications in composites & coatings in vehicles and in medicine
The material is light, strong enhancing the safety of safe vehicles.
Material has growing applications aircraft and automotive composites.
Most important attribute is weight savings in vehicles.
Widening applications for the material in the form of powder. Used in production of coatings for touch screens & precise sensors & displays.

Spot, the Robot, at Work

Spot, the Robot Dog, Makes No Bones about Taking on Dangerous Jobs in Construction, Nuclear Sites, & Factories Using Much Situational Awareness

Retailers are hiring thousands of Robots to replace people.
Spot, the Robot Dog, performing multiple jobs formerly done by humans.
Monitors remote or hazardous environments & provides situational awareness.
Doing dangerous jobs reducing the risk to human injury, Make no bones about it.

Lack of Gender Diversity & More Women Leading Automotive Industry May Be All About The Money

The time has come. There is a need for the automotive industry leaders to seek to deal with the underlying cause(s) of gender imbalance and disparity in automotive management .
There seems to be a some kind of lid on surfacing and talking about the reasons why they need to change things. Some say it would be career ending move if a leading woman or women to speak out.
Further, no industry organization, women’s association, or individual women or men seems to be acting, even demanding, that change(s) need to made and now.
Maybe If investors and funding infrastructure would underwrite and back female management and innovators, then things would change

How to Save Hertz– And Avis, Rent-A -Car Industry & Even Dealerships

Hertz is endanger of going out of business.
The once symbol and leader of the car rental industry is in peril as stock offerings are rejected, refinancing of debt looms in doubt, and the whole financial infrastructure that held the Hertz business model together is looking for ways to get out.
The lawyers have grabbed the wheel as knowledgeable industry consultants, rent-a-car management, and a battery of underwriters, analysts, and trade publications may well have the solution to save what is left of Hertz.
Remember Jose Menendez and then there was OJ ?

The High Cost of EV Batteries Impacting Manufacturer Sales Volume, Profits, & Replacement

The need for a low cost EV battery continues to be an industry challenge, even for Mighty Tesla.
Dozens of battery manufacturers around the world and at the OEMs are focused on using low-cobalt and cobalt-free battery chemistries & the use of chemical additives, materials and coating;
The high cost of an EV battery assembly and its replacement cost are impacting the sale of EVs, market penetration, and volume. The Pandemic has not helped.

Auto Market Sales to Blacks Decline Amid Pandemic, Daily Street Demonstrations, & Fewer Dealerships

Predictions are that prolonged COVID-19 Pandemic will sharply reduce total vehicle sales in 2020.
A quick recovery scenario where the economy & auto industry bounce back seems unlikely.
Analysts predict new vehicle sales will only reach 16.4 million. Automotive manufacturers & dealers working to align marketing initiatives toward the Black and Minority specific audiences.