All About White Males Again–Dominate Auto Tech, Transportation Management, & Tech Overall

It appears that the tech community including automotive and transportation management are finally focusing on bringing more black and women engineers and technology professionals into the Industry.
However, in general, little progress has been made to date and things remain the same in the Industry
The system perpetuates practices that have not effectively dealt with diversity & untapped talent of Blacks, Women, and Minorities
The solution is about access, support, mentoring, getting involved, & leadership from the white males who now lead automotive technology companies

Breaking Through the Silence & Inaction in Automotive about Racism, BLM, & Change – All Talk Again?

Companies in automotive and corporate America are now doing a lot of talking & focusing of the issues brought by the massive response to Black Lives Matter.
However, if what has been reported — even surveyed and measured–and history is to be examined to see if this is a repeat of past acknowledgement but no real change or changes have happened.
Now it is up to the visionary leadership of the automotive Industry to adopt and implement initiatives and programs to bring more Blacks and minorities into leadership, equity positions, and empowerments.

Five Lessons from Fearless Female Leaders – Now For the Males

Women influence or actually accomplish most vehicle sales and selections. The operative functions in a dealership are handled and managed by women like HR, Finance, and Customer Service. Yet less than 25% of the auto dealership employees are females and few dealerships, OEMs, and suppliers are lead and managed by women.
It is now becoming apparent that in order for women to gain parity in automotive, they need to gain the backing of financial resources like venture funding, bank underwriting, and capital allocation. That’s where they are now going.

Now Six Whips Per Race? Does the CHRB, Owners, The Stronachs, & Jockey Guild Realize How Awful that Sounds?

Horse Racing is under more scrutiny than ever. Industry groups and governing boards like the California Horse Racing Board continues to seek to solve and not solve the real problem that causes young horses to be put down.

The latest effort by the CHRB is to limit the number of times a jockey can use a whip to hit a horse during a race. That is now six times per the ruling that goes into effect in October. Meantime, it is business as usual.

10 Ways You Get Smarter as You Get Older – So You Do Matter More Every Day

Researchers have identified ways in which older minds hold their own against younger ones and even surpass them.
Here are 10 ways that is happening and keep you in the game and growing smarter every day.
Your experience adds to your wisdom and your good looks are working for you even as you get older. The current trend to regard youth as being what you want to be is really not what it is cracked up to be.
Check out the specifics of these 10 ways and you will be psyched.

Why Aren’t Women Running the Automotive Industry? Is it Time to Close the Gender Gap in Automotive Pay, Policy, and Power?

The societal, social, and economic impact of women in the management of enterprises & business entities, particularly in the automotive industry is becoming more visible and actionable every day.
The video interview with Sallie Krawcheck which primarily focuses on the gender gap in pay in business in general also applies to the the overall condition and situation for women in the automotive industry. While we see women being placed and promoted in to secondary management roles, we still do not see them becoming the leading force in an industry that continues to be male dominated. Women just have not been able to over come this situation.

Has Corporate Automotive, The Dealers, & The Industry Orgs Failed Black America?

Black Lives matter among automotive companies but do their careers, opportunities, and leadership matter? Sunday NYT Business section article on “Corporate America Has Failed Black America” has caused this premise to be reviewed with haste by the automotive industry corporate community. Changes are about to come about in the Board of Directors, Management teams, and corporate policy and practices.