Take Us to Your Leader —What Was Needed;–New & Different Leadership From Zelensky; Shows Us How to Communicate; Get On Point & Stick With Message;

This guy was what? — A Comedian. Come on!!

The importance of leadership is manifested in Ukraine’s Leader;

Zelensky is what the World needed.

He has been a putdown for Putin.

Zelensky’s consistent on-point messaging;

His unwavering dedication to the cause.

Asked the world for help in fighting off Vladimir Putin’s brutal advance.

Juggling a number of urgent and often disparate issues at once.

We need some heroes. And Leaders.

Exhibited consistent management strengths:

His on-point messaging; & dedication to the cause.

Abuse No Longer Excuse; Trainers Apparently Got By With It til SafeSport Investigated; Then Olympian Group Challenged & Division Occurred;

Were older men exploiting very young girls for sex?

The Question caused divisions and split in Olympic Team.

After may accusations one trainer, Feller, was accused of sexual abuse;

Olympic Committee ended up in conflict with SafeSport Group;

SafeSport went after sexual abuse in equestrian Olympics team;

Prominent equestrian trainers were banned for sexual abuse & even arrested.

Traditionalists in sport are taking aim at Olympic watchdog, SafeSport;

SafeSport group received 300 sexual complaints;

Accused heroes said not given a chance to defend themselves

How SafeSport went about the accusations was an issue.

What Guns does LA POLICE Carry? WEAPONRY – Access to Weaponry, its Usage, & Banned; Tazers Do Not Seem to Work.

The effectiveness of the gun issued by LA Police?

Seems to work as have seen no major complaints.

What issued gun does the LA Police carry?

Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol chambered in 9mm to all new officers.

Officers also have the option to choose from a variety of weaponry.

Do have an alternative for Police Using & Carrying a Gun:-

Top 5 Less Lethal Tools | SOFREP
• Rubber Bullets
• OC Spray (oleoresin capsicum) aka Pepper spray:
• Collapsible Baton:
• Taser:

The Taser is apparently not used by police in general?

You Can do it. –You Can Improve Yourself in 1-2 months; But You Got to Work at It Every Day; 8 Action-ables to Get You Started;

Making changes in your life & the way you have done things is not easy.

May be the most difficult & challenging action for you as you grow.

You got to grab your whole being and set out to struggle to master your tendency to just sit,

You may need a mentor or friend to get you going,

And you definite will want to make lists, steps, and keep some kind of scoreboard

Note # 4 that spells out the effectiveness of repetition;

You gotta to do this one and all of them at least 3 times a week,

You can do it. Go!!!

Note that most of the Action-ables are about YOU.

Do You Suck at Succeeding? Are You Full of Confidence? Able to Get Things Done With a Sense of Accomplishment; Be Ready; You Can Succeed at Whatever You Seek;

You can succeed. But you gotta listen to the right input.

Here is a sampling of 7 Ways To Solidify The Confidence You Need To Succeed;

1. First, convince yourself what you want most in life.

2. Always be your own best (and most honest) friend.

3. Use both logic and fantasy to create a new reality.

4. Gather more knowledge and consistently apply it.

5. Beliefs produce behavior, so build confidence first.

6. Believe that every competitor is human and beatable.

7. Above all else, always play to win.

Or to accomplish what matters;

It’s in the Books—Three Books for You to Find Solutions to Your Challenges: Pay Attention, Go Slowly, & Be Powered

So many books– So much to read.

So little time and so much to sort out and position.

Here are three books that can help you do just that.


• Stay focused

• Take Baby steps toward change;

• Add the power when you are set

Now you can gradually regain your balance & direction.

You matter

These resources can help you realize how great you are

What’s Happening That Should Be? Problems, Issues, & Obstacles That Need to be Solved; Here is a Listing of What Could Be Done to Make Things Happen: Fix Not Fight;

The citizens of the U.S. have major challenges & issues to solve;

Make your list of things that need to be worked on is a great start.

Particularly true if you develop your own list and focus on maybe 3 action-ables;

We all could be working together to fix and solve our problems before & as they happen;

Important that we determine what is really important to us as Americans;

Time to stop the attacks and nit picking.

Need for new leadership is really, really needed

Do You Know Your Left from Your Right?; What Are You? A Liberal or a Conservative? Either– Stop the Attacks Across the Divide; Time to Advance Your Position with Balance, Reason, Definition, Consideration, Consensus, & Respect;

Are you Left or Right?

Does it matter as much as you think and act sometimes?

Everyone seems to either be or is divided into largely two political camps or positions;
Government does only what private enactments cannot do or has not done well.

Finding ways for Private interests position framework of government to support solutions to issues;

Do Not use the terms or suggest either side to be right;
Listen and consider other points of view & people who advance POVs;

Work to find & elect citizens who will seek to bring the best solutions to societal problems;

Did You Get Food Wasted at Dinner Last Night? Maybe Your Focus Should Be On Preventing Waste Before it Happens? Need for National Food Preparation Educational Campaign That Would Significantly Reduce Environmental impacts & Even Hunger

Did you eat all your dinner like Mom would have insisted?

Turns Out You and Me are biggest waster of food.

So problem can be best tackled on a broad level at America’s dinner tables

How?— By preventing Waste Before it Happens

Need to significantly reduce the environmental impact of food waste is urgent,

And to feed people who are food deprived tonight,

May not be dinner time for many people in the world tonight.

New City Government Model That Does It All–Compassionate & Coordinated City Policing; Putting All City Depts on the Street With Police; Working Together; Managing, Preventing, & Dealing With Cause of Street Crime By Controlling Before it Happens

Who is in the Police car that just made a Stop?

Two people: Police officer & a Community Service Officer.

Means new city departmental organization, combining, & coordination is in effect;
Focusing on crime prevention, causes, & sources; Not just writing tickets and citations;

How can a city structure total social order enforcement & control system work?

Creates these functions—Policing, Traffic Control & Community Service officers -both working together;
Seems to be no reason for current civic police to be in charge of road safety;

See at least 4 solutions to change the way we gain law & order in U.S. cities;

You Got Risk, Cost, Speed, & Competition in Blockchain; But Most of All Got Immediate Proof of Ownership, Secure Finance Transactions;– All Without Centralized Intermediaries

Ready, Set– Go.

We may find ourselves blocked even chained to new finance platforms.

Blockchain transactions provide proof of ownership at all times;

Meantime there is a Race for Block Chain(s) to rebuild & dominate digital economy..

DeFi technology is improving at lightning fast speed.

Competitive fight between new networks & blockchains

DeFI applications enable users to trade assets. get loans, & store deposits.

Developers have been constantly trying to improve by rewiring it.

No Spin-Land in Finland–People Are Living in the Happiest Country in the World; Knowing that Government Has Their Back Fosters Trust; Meantime U.S. About Anti-Trust

Whom do you trust anymore?

So much of life is about trust– in government & fellow humans.

The incalculable value of trust in government demonstrated in Finland.

Living in a republic of reasonableness fostered safety.

Compared with U.S. that has no safety net for crisis.

Finland has avoided Toxic battles of “Us vs. Them”

LA IS A KILLING CITY, Mr. Mayor; What More Can LA City Gov’t & Garcetti do about it? Who can deal with this Problem? Start With Getting Police Out of Their Cars & Walking or Biking Their Beat

Is the killings in LA really as bad as it looks?

Need for More Action by LA City Government & Real leadership.

Need to provide actionable steps for municipal leaders to take on areas.

Develop & deliver alternative and innovative responses to violence
Prevention precedes revolution. Time for Action

12 Ways to Connect & Mobilize People In 2022; Biggest Challenge of National & Local Leadership. We All Must Find Solutions & ACT

We are not yet able to communicate with each other effectively.

Need for every one to be quiet and just listen to others for a while

Maybe some of this list will sink in and we will all work on understanding each other?

Just maybe,

We could start be being very clear and specific about what ought to done.

How Amazon Can Really Revolutionize Corporate America Even More-Turn Amazon Into an ESOP; NLRB Says Must Let Union Freely Organize; Rather Make Employees Shareholders

A move by Bezos to Make Amazon an ESOP would change corporate America.

Amazon would become America largest Employee Stock Holder Company.

Employee have shares of stock in the corporation they work for,

Stakeholders have an interest in the performance of a company

Bezos To Be even bigger American Icon;

Unions would represent employee-owners on decision boards

Who Is Riding the Industry Racing Horse? Associations & Agencies Clash over Industry Control of Drugs & Meds; Industry Infrastructure Jockeying for New Rules.

Stuck again
HISA’s Anti-Doping and Medication Control (ADMC) program to end horse deaths is stuck again.

Creating a central, empowered horse racing authority has stopped over what agency has the authority.

Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) announced the suspension of negotiations with USADA.

Efforts to restore the integrity of thoroughbred horse racing stymied.
Though Industry appears unsure what will come out of talks now.

Right Time To Act But Muzzled Spin Messages at Horse Racing Symposium; Provided Insights With No Real Solutions to Deaths of Racing Young Horses & Drug Mgt.

Did Global Symposium Seek to resolve horse racing death Issue?

Looks like Race Track Management symposium was about track management not horses.

Sought to share vision & outline the industry’s most pressing needs BUT
Symposium agenda did not seem to focus on real problems for Racing industry.

Track leaders continued to circle back to equine & track safety.
Driven by the provisions of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act

Who Are the Real U.S. Ambassadors? The Whole Diplomat Appointment Rewards Needs to be Discontinued; Career Diplomats are in Assigned Country So Should be no need for Other Diplomats; What Does Mayor Garcetti Really Know About India?

You raise money. You support my presidency.
Then you get to be a U.S, Ambassador & Diplomat.

This practice of rewarding donors & supporters of the President should stop.
What does a local civic politician really know about a remote country?

Garcetti’s appointment to India is entirely ceremonial and patronizing as example.

Career diplomats & staff are in place and full qualified & knowledgeable about assigned country

No More Horsing Around: Horses Keep Being Put Down; 71 Race Horse Deaths at CA Tracks So Far in 2021; Activists Groups Demonstrate at Major CA Tracks;

Activism to stop horse racing is back;

Demonstrators held UP “tombstones” representing the deaths of 26 horses who died at the track in 2021.

The Horse Racing Industry does not seem yet ready to deal with what is “killing it off” – one horse at a time.

Looks like Horse Racing Industry accepts the deaths of at least 100 horses at CA tracks for the year 2021;

High School Jocks–Be Recruited by Colleges, Turn Pro, & Get a Full Boat Collegiate Athletic Scholarship to Play for the Alumni. Show Me the Money Not An Education –like $3.6 B Each Year.

Student-athletes receive $3.6 B in athletic scholarships.

Have colleges become farm teams for pro sports?
Star athletes are recruited, provided full boat scholarships, & benefits.

If you become college star & team winners, they then turn to real pros for bigger money

If they are college stars then they drop collegiate scholarship for bigger pro money.
The purpose of sports programs in higher education schools is lost as winning becomes everything.

Developing future leaders and citizens is not the focus– its is winning & winning.
Losers are benched and coaches are fired.
Then it’ s on to find winning formula & program. Not Building character, trained community leaders, & contributors.

Hang on to Your MBA Hat.! “The Golden Passport “is New Book about Harvard & MBAs Causing Consternation on & off the Campus in Cambridge & Wall Street

What is your assessment of this “Indictment of the MBA Expectation” by the author of “The Golden Passport”, Duff McDonald?

HBS is in a class of its own. It is the pinnacle of elitism which is not necessarily bad.
The average MBA schools do not create elitism; those ranked 1 – 10 might, but not 11 – 50. Greed is behind it all. HBS leverages that.

The Moral Failure of the MBA Elite is not because of the MBA, but because of erosion of our society’s morals.

Here’s A New, Innovative Form of City Government: Put All Functions of Public Safety & Control Including Police Under One Combined Department; And No Defunding of Police

Turn the function, purpose. & organization up side down.
Get all city department working together on the streets.

Combine Police & Public Safety Department’s including function & leadership.
Funding of Police Dept. would remain the same or increase under Public Service organization.
All functions of a City would be integrated into one Public Safety Dept. & Mgt.

Public Safety Resource Protection & Emergency Services Director & Administration would provide leadership, management, & strategic guidance.

Young Race Horses Put Down at CA Race Tracks: 3 More at Golden Gate; One at Los Alamitos in a Week; Cause of Death Deemed Musculoskeletal or Fatal Injury

And the euthanization of young horses goes on & on.
Young Race Horses continue to be put down at Tracks.

All Four of California Tracks have had multiple deaths
Recently, Golden Gate Fields appears to be the worst

Cause of deaths was listed as musculoskeletal. Suggests that immature bone structure not fully developed.
Young horses under 5 are the victims of serious injuries.
Los Alamitos track experienced another death last week

When if ever will the racing of young horses stop?

U.S Loses $75B/Yr. from Investor Partnerships Failing to Report Income Accurately: Interest Carry Forwards; Rare Audits; Rich Paid Little Taxes

The question is
How do private or even public companies avoid taxes?

Private equity firms have conquered the American tax system.
$4.5 trillion industry has avoided paying billions in taxes
Have managed to derail efforts to increase their tax burden.

Lobbyists and campaign contributions helped make it happen.
200 lobbyists & doled out & 600 M campaign contributions in last decade

The I.R.S. almost never audits private equity firms
Even as whistle-blowers have filed claims alleging illegal tax avoidance.

Conflict of Interest & Horse Ownership at Breeders Cup Creates Financial & Ethical Issues for Board Members. Makes Horse Racing Industry Incestuous

Horse Racing Industry plagued by conflict of Interest & ownership.

Breeders Cup Board Members Own Horses Trained by Baffert
12 of the 14 members of the Breeders’ Cup Board involved;
Have had Baffert train their horses.

Major races seem to be mired in how to deal with Baffert
Now they have more conflicts —
Owning horses in an industry they are to regulate.