NEWSPAPERS ARE NOT BEING READ: Washington Post Probes for New Direction; Are newspapers a dying Form Of Media? Need for New Format, Contenting, & Posting of Info.

A newspaper or magazine just posted an article.

So why and what prompted its selection & ultimate posting?

Internet access, advertising, corporate ownership,& social media, newspaper production has declined.

Big question might be-:Will people give up having to read a story-like content in NP & print magazines

12 Ways to Connect & Mobilize People In 2022; Biggest Challenge of National & Local Leadership. We All Must Find Solutions & ACT

We are not yet able to communicate with each other effectively.

Need for every one to be quiet and just listen to others for a while

Maybe some of this list will sink in and we will all work on understanding each other?

Just maybe,

We could start be being very clear and specific about what ought to done.

Getting TMI?–TOO MUCH INFORMATION From Paid Talking Heads & Media Hungry Experts Instead On The Ground Reporters Telling Us What is Happening

Are you overloaded with information, news, and the plain content?
There is a an overload of posted & printed content in communications everywhere.
So much content & wordage that people do not have time or format to read.
Same so called experts on network TV saying same things over & over every day.
Network TV features experts that are easy to reach, eager to talk to media or, on retainer..
Print content & wordage volume & layouts in magazines & newspapers are overloads of info.
There are too many Talking Heads & Panels on TV; Newspaper stories too long, without sub heads.

So And So What? New Mantra for Every Communication.Tell People What They Need to Know Right Now; Then Tell Them What They Could Do About it

Is there a need for a new format & communication objective for media?
Try reading a daily newspaper or the latest issue of Wired
It is virtually impossible for a reader to quickly grasp most print & digital content
Caused by too much focus by print & digital authors being storytellers not signifiers.
Who has time to read long articles of endless subhead-less content ?
Armed with pen, scanning eyes, and key word vigilance, readers dig & focus.
Most magazine & newspaper articles go on & on with no eye help for the reader.

Keeping News Local. One Half of Daily Newspapers Owned by Hedge Funds Who Slash Staffs & Costs, Big Chains Buying Other Chains, Financed by Debt

Local News is a being bought and even buried by Hedge Funds
The Hedge funds buy local newspapers then cut costs & staff to enhance profit.
Advertising & subscriptions have been dismantled as revenue sources.
Print newspapers failed to adapt to new publishing model.
Need to block newspaper buys & mergers that are anti-trust.
Proposed Local Journalism Sustainability Act proposes tax credits could solve.

How Do You Get Your News? When Was Last Time You Read an Entire Article in a Newspaper? Local & National Newspapers in Peril; Need Integrated Content

No Time to really read a newspaper or even a magazine.
Print versions of newspapers & magazines are being read less & less.
Print format, content, layout & writing styles do not seem to have changed.
Many titles & local newspapers suffer from broad trend toward “fragmentation” of all media
Need a complete change to new multi-media, multi-platform, & content presentation that includes all forms & formats

Newspapers Are Dying; Civic Minded Billionaires Buying Newspapers Instead of Yachts. Hold on to Old Look, Format, & Contenting, But Add Digital Media

Your hometown newspaper in peril?
The scope, audience, and revenue streams for newspapers is under review.
More than a quarter of American newspapers disappeared in last few years.
The information wants to be free concept was a misguided strategy.
Civic minded, wealthy investors come to the rescue.
Newspapers lack robust content, standards, & social media connection,

Be a Master Communicator: 3 PowerPoint Lessons From Andrew Cuomo on How to make Briefings & Presentations Grab & Impact

Being an effective communicator on all platforms and formats is a must in this time of disruption and survival.
This goes for even the email & text we send but really important on Zoom and on the phone.
You may have seen and followed daily the impactful presentations Andrew Cuomo made during the pandemic crisis in New York
Here are three of the basic guidelines that Cuomo mobilized to hold, inform, and even dazzle us each day of his reporting.

Cookies Crumble. Revolutionary Shift from Google to Cause Loss of its Cookies; Creating Biggest Comm Upheaval in Decade; Code Will Drop From Browser.

Google about to loose its Cookies.
Google is dropping the use of Cookies. Cookies will disappear from the jar of ad resources in next 18 months.
Ad buyers are not  thrilled about Google Chrome’s decision, made under pressure.
Represents Breakup of Googles ad tech business;
Rising numbers of people are pushing to ban behavioral advertising entirely

Do Not Defund Police Departments; Rather Merge With Public Safety Depts: Combine Functions, Leadership & Mission

There is much controversy now about defunding the budgets of police departments.
The solution may be to not defund but rather move funds, officials, and functions to one agency or department.
Then modify, adapt, and allocate resources to attain public safety, law and order, and community stability,
This change seems logical and easy on the surface but it will require vision, leadership, and some police departments to change and be more transparent.

11 Things Socially Aware People Don’t Say

As the content, language, and communication styles have evolved and been used over time, a number of responses or comebacks have been adopted by people. These eleven phrases are used all the time by those who seek to disagree, intimidate, and discredit others and their positions.

Now seems to be the time for us all to choose what and how we say things carefully and with a high degree of humanity and respect.