Auto Dealer Business Model Changed by COVID19; Surging Online Sales Option Becoming Primary Way to Buy a Vehicle; Dealers Waking Up.

Buy a Car Online- Deliver to your door just like dinner. That’s the way it is going.
COVID 19 fall out has dramatically changing the way people buy car & trucks.
A surging shift to Internet Retailing from going to showrooms & those dealer visits.
Carvana leads the “caravan” to online sales of people’s vehicles. Dealers scramble to compete.

Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

The U.S is almost desperately searching for solutions to its citizens health care.
While many have programs and ideas, Mark Cuban seems to be actively probing for answers.
Asking –“OK, what have we seen that has worked? ”
“How do we get from here to where we need to be?” CLICK to Learn Significance of Mark’s involvement.

Auto Loan & Lease Portfolio Data & Trends from Equifax Show Only Some Concern About Slowly Rising Delinquencies; No Stress or Duress

The financing and underwriting of auto loans and leases goes on- Pandemic or not,
The impact of the COVID19 shutdowns and dealership closures has not yet impacted the delinquencies appreciably.
Both Loan and Lease Portfolio companies have yet to become alarmed as funding digitization comes to rescue. Second Quarter numbers will be revealing.

How Being Grateful Will Boost Your Mental Health & Help You Cope with COVID Stress

You are stressed, And you are not alone as you well know.
Ever once in a while you find a How-To article or resource that is timely and helpful.
Hopefully this list of actions that you can take will give you a boost and make you realize that you are in control again.
The core element of this postings is that you will feel empowered & invigorated if you are being grateful.

Ford SW Being Tested in Police Vehicles to See If Interior Heat Kills COVID Virus

In what could be a breakthrough in dealing with COVID19 & it impact on transportation management, Ford has developed software that provides vehicle interior heat that will apparently kill the virus.
The SW installed in vehicles of 2016-2019 ages would raise the internal temperate of a vehicle (Police Vehicle) to over 130 degrees for 15 minutes
The heat process would replace the current wipe down with disinfectants in vehicles.
The Test results are apparently not yet extensive enough, causing caution.

How to Ace Bike Management 101 & Park, Even Leave Your Car

Some people are just getting around to thinking about buying and riding a human powered bike.
This long and comprehensive article is a great guide to selecting, buying, and using a bike to exercise – and maybe even to work.
There is even an linked article about why you should wear a mask when you riding in the park and down the street.