HELLO Dolly–Goodbye 9 to 5; Now It is About Work Place Flexibility–Where You Are & When You Do Work; Work is Working. You Decide & Get It Done.

Work when you want? Crazy idea?

Will it work?

Can flexibility and productivity occur like at office?

Looks like it–

People want to decide where and how they work.

And they want to set their work hours & tasks;

Let them set up Work Flexibility to foster work productivity..

Such as Flextime is becoming the employee handbook buzzword.

Practice it is not widely used. Some roles are legitimately time-framed;

Adopt schedules for employees to work at times best for them.

People can manage themselves.

“Mr Fix-it” Takes On Pandemic Vaccine RollOut; Management Consultant, Jeff Zients, to Implement Different Approach to Ramp Up of National Shot Schedule;

There are key people who are going to work on “fixing” a lot of the current problems and providing situations.
Many of these “Things that need to be fixed” were caused by mismanagement of previous administration.
President Biden seeks to bring new talent, ideas, people, and solutions to forefront as a top priority.
Successful Management Consultant & former government official, Jeffrey Zients, appears to be one to do it.

Feeling Like You Are in the Dumper? Here are 25 Action-ables for a New Morning Routine To Help You Get Going Again Until COVID Is Under Control.

You probably could use a catalyst or igniter for your psyche about now.
Between COVID, The Election, and your confinement & commitments.
You must feel overloaded if not somewhat overwhelmed.
So this list may be a start or way for you get things going again and keep them going.
Give it a try –pick 5 or 10 and implement, Your example will help your contacts and all you influence.

Be a Contact Tracer–A Different Kind; Quarantine Your Lack of Communication.

This a new and different kind of contact tracing — Social Contact Tracing
And here is how you do it.
Find and call someone you care about, need, or bond.  Make one call a day.
You can even email or text someone you care about or want to hear from.
Or expand Your “Bond Width”.  Be a Social Contact Tracer & make some calls.
Just ask questions, be up, and then listen. If they don’t pick up. Leave cheery message. Call again tomorrow.

Trash Talk. Your Junk Mail is Hot & About to Become TP or Delivery Boxes

And you thought your junk mail was just going to degrade in some landfill — Not the case.
All that paper trash you have been throwing out because COVID has forced you to work at home is being recycled
People working at Home are producing junk paper to be recycled into new paper products.
So paper Industry has found this Junk mail can be substitute source for recycling. More cash for trash

Pandemic Doesn’t Slam Brakes on Bad Auto Loan Practices

Problems with auto loan practices, interest rates, & administration are increasing.
Predatory & abusive loan practices are reported to be increasing with the Pandemic and online buying.
Consumers buying cars are looking for & seem to need more protection from the scams and bad practices.
Such complaints are common in America’s current vehicle finance marketplace.
Regulators & Policy makers must step up enforcement of consumer protection laws.
The increased use of on-line vehicle sales offered with online auto financing make problem worse.

Yes, COVID-19 Will Force The Change of Higher Education; With Zoom Could Save It With Solutions for a Rapid Pivot of the Business Model

The methods, content, & platforms used in delivering higher education are in need of change.
Disruption of higher education in universities and colleges is not over.
COVID-19 lit the fuse for greater disruptions to come in the curriculum and learning process utilized by major universities.
There is a need for immediate change by and within the current ivy-draped halls.
Such proposed changes seek to cast a wider net to serve students ages 18 to forever with Lifelong Learning.
Also a need to break down the existing curricula into their granular learning concepts
And create an ongoing continuous learning process & combined curriculum ,
This complex and innovative disruptive change is advocated by author Mike Pochan on http://www.fixesandsolutions.com.

Top 10 Trends in the On-Demand Home Services Market in 2020; From Food Delivery & House Cleaning to Salon Treatments

Goods and Services are coming to home, COVID 19 has impacted going to stores and service providers
The Home Services Market is huge at $600B and the demand is increasing.
Consumers have become even more empowered simply by using cell phones & the Internet.
Amazon leads at least 6 other competitors as market surges.

Cities Consider Police & Public Safety Integration; Portions of Police Budgets Being Redirected to Public Safety, Not Defunded; Sunnyvale is Best Example.

Don’t defund Police budget, Instead combine police, fire, and public safety department.
Call the new integrated civic protection group. “Public Safety”.
Best example of how this would work is Sunnyvale, CA Dept of Public Safety.
Provides 3 services; Fire, police &  emergency medical services.

Did You Encounter a Jerk Today? Refusing to Wear a Mask or Keep a Safe Distance; How To Handle Jerky behavior & Feel Good About Yourself

It is hard. Not to yell or confront someone who being a jerk about COVID19 or any situation.
The best thing to do is not to engage– and if you must do so carefully and in private.
You can make your point and maybe even prompt this person to change their behavior.
Be cool.-and you will feel better afterwards. Be thankful that you did it right.

Auto Dealer Business Model Changed by COVID19; Surging Online Sales Option Becoming Primary Way to Buy a Vehicle; Dealers Waking Up.

Buy a Car Online- Deliver to your door just like dinner. That’s the way it is going.
COVID 19 fall out has dramatically changing the way people buy car & trucks.
A surging shift to Internet Retailing from going to showrooms & those dealer visits.
Carvana leads the “caravan” to online sales of people’s vehicles. Dealers scramble to compete.

Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

The U.S is almost desperately searching for solutions to its citizens health care.
While many have programs and ideas, Mark Cuban seems to be actively probing for answers.
Asking –“OK, what have we seen that has worked? ”
“How do we get from here to where we need to be?” CLICK to Learn Significance of Mark’s involvement.

Auto Loan & Lease Portfolio Data & Trends from Equifax Show Only Some Concern About Slowly Rising Delinquencies; No Stress or Duress

The financing and underwriting of auto loans and leases goes on- Pandemic or not,
The impact of the COVID19 shutdowns and dealership closures has not yet impacted the delinquencies appreciably.
Both Loan and Lease Portfolio companies have yet to become alarmed as funding digitization comes to rescue. Second Quarter numbers will be revealing.

How Being Grateful Will Boost Your Mental Health & Help You Cope with COVID Stress

You are stressed, And you are not alone as you well know.
Ever once in a while you find a How-To article or resource that is timely and helpful.
Hopefully this list of actions that you can take will give you a boost and make you realize that you are in control again.
The core element of this postings is that you will feel empowered & invigorated if you are being grateful.

Ford SW Being Tested in Police Vehicles to See If Interior Heat Kills COVID Virus

In what could be a breakthrough in dealing with COVID19 & it impact on transportation management, Ford has developed software that provides vehicle interior heat that will apparently kill the virus.
The SW installed in vehicles of 2016-2019 ages would raise the internal temperate of a vehicle (Police Vehicle) to over 130 degrees for 15 minutes
The heat process would replace the current wipe down with disinfectants in vehicles.
The Test results are apparently not yet extensive enough, causing caution.