Letting the Air Out of Inflation Balloon; Purchasing Power Eroded; Shortages Cause Demand & Then Higher Prices; Consumers Shed Spending;

Probably no end in to inflation in World Economy;

High inflation has returned.;

When Will Inflation Ease;

Seems Here for the Long Haul;

How are higher prices affecting consumers?

Strong job market is boosting workers’ pay,

Though not enough to offset higher prices;

High Inflation is every wherein the World;

Question is WHEN;
Series of Fed rate increases appear to be working; 

Fed launches an anti-inflation initiative;

Pay Increases & massive job changes;

Here We Go—8 Billion is Here; Fertility & Low Life Impede Country Growth; Population India Growing Faster Than China; Overall, World Population Growth Appears to Have Slowed;

On one hand, World population seems to be slowing;

Other hand each country has its own growth issues;

Population of World Countries Growing to 8 Billion; China Growth Slowed;

U.S. Will Remain World’s 3rd Most Populous country;

Hi Life & Low Levels of Fertility Impact’;

In Future, population growth will be caused by international migration;

Age of 65 group is growing faster than other population.

Populations will decrease by 1% in 61 countries by 2050

The World Population is moving & integrating;

Alarm—The World’s Poorest Are Starving; African Countries Hardest Hit; War in Ukraine Compounds Hunger Fight; Need to Make More People Farmers: Vegs Disparately Needed;

Seeds needs to be planted ASAP;

People are starving in many African countries– even the U.S.

Cost of food has pushed the famine to new levels;

Young children are most vulnerable to hunger starvation;

Cost of food in the World has increased since 2019;

War in Ukraine impeding food security;

Choice is taking food from mouths of hunger to feed the starving;

Domestic food production down 40%;

People not able to afford the food they once bought;

Vegetables & veg Oils are needed to counter malnutrition.

Simplex solution might be to get veg seeds to water sources into Africa;

How “Coal” Is That? It’s Either More Coal Rather Than More Russia; Coal Makes a Comeback as World Thirsts for Energy: Demand Is There;

Coal was almost trashed, Now Black gold.

Coal is now hot & getting hotter;

Demand for coal is going to be here for a while;

High quality coal is particularly sought;

Short term purchases of coal being made;

Drives Prices to new high causing shortages;

Climate activist concerned about coal use;

Restart of coal energy plants in several countries;

Strong recovery in global economy & wider use of coal for power generation made it happen;.

Coal is now cool & in demand;

Tech Warfare in Future is Probably Here; Leaders Seek to Prevent a Great Powers War; Secretary of Defense Says Prepare for New Warfare;

Former active U.S. general says new warfare coming;

Tells West Point grad class to get ready;

World to be more unstable; Significant conflict emerging;

Grads to bear responsibility to make sure we are ready;

U.S. is no longer unchallenged World power;

U.S. cannot cling to weapons of past:

Warfare changing in next 25 years;

Artillery is prevalent in Ukraine; Soon more drones;

Will also be relying on robotic tanks, ships & airplanes;

Also on Synthetic fuels, 3D Manufacturing, & human engineering;

Food Insecurity Threatens The Globe; Pricing, Shortages Causing Unrest in Low Income Countries; Now in China; Wants to be Self-Sufficient; U.S. Be Vulnerable Also? Food Prices Up In All Countries;

Are we going loose people to starvation? Starve to death?

Is Food insecurity really the biggest threat to World population?

Food & water may become the source of the economic survival of a given country;

Food shortage& security could be downfall countries?

Even Russia?

Need for a Global Food plan & doctrine backed by all countries;

Adopt technology & food production planning;

Mobilize food resources from every source, country, & expert;

Higher food prices can lead to social unrest in low-income countries;

Food accounts for a much larger share of spending.in all countries;

Rosewood Crisis Devastating West Africa: Elephants, Pythons & Wildlife Kills Get High Prices & Probe; Illicit Trade Decimating Species Worldwide; Conference Answers

Rosewood being exploited; Wildlife being killed;

Record Rosewood shipments out of Africa fits demand from China.

Ivory trade & tiger skins markets are re-surging worldwide;

Trafficking threatens security, hinders economic development,

Also undermines the rule of law.

Makes Rules for pangolins, parrots, orchids, sea horses, marine turtles & sharks;

Three Levels of Wildlife Protection are needed desperately.

Forthcoming World Wildlife Conference to at least discuss

Take Us to Your Leader —What Was Needed;–New & Different Leadership From Zelensky; Shows Us How to Communicate; Get On Point & Stick With Message;

This guy was what? — A Comedian. Come on!!

The importance of leadership is manifested in Ukraine’s Leader;

Zelensky is what the World needed.

He has been a putdown for Putin.

Zelensky’s consistent on-point messaging;

His unwavering dedication to the cause.

Asked the world for help in fighting off Vladimir Putin’s brutal advance.

Juggling a number of urgent and often disparate issues at once.

We need some heroes. And Leaders.

Exhibited consistent management strengths:

His on-point messaging; & dedication to the cause.

How Do We Manage Decarbonization Goals? First—Need to Understand What Five Gases Pollute? And Where They Come From; Then How To Capture & Store;

We are realizing that carbon is being pulled out of the air around us.

This is something that never got into Science class at any level.

The Time has Come for Direct Air Capture;

Need to capture carbon dioxide from atmosphere & store underground;

Or use to create & produce other materials such as concrete.

Remember -Atmosphere is 78 % nitrogen, 21 %t oxygen, 0.9 % argon.1 % other gases.

Only Trace amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, & neon in gases in the air we breath;

Six pollutants are the strongest evidence for public health concern

Will Capitalism Run Out of Capital? Can Conscious Capitalism Keep Driving ESP Investing? Is U.S. Economy a Successful Model for Global Adoption of Capitalism? U.S. Being Copied?

Show me your capital. Capitalize on Capital.

Capital is going to scarcer in 2020s

Populism, climate change & supply-chain fixes will raise long-term cost of capital.

Economic populism seems to have no constraints.

Fiscal stimulus is back in style

“Don’t Come”; Root Causes of Influx of Migrants from Central America is U.S. Support Producing Economic Inequality & Ruling Elite, Not Workable Solutions

Need to understand & respond to the reasons why people from 3 countries come to Border.
U.S. has actually contributed to problems & empowered of corruption in Northern Triangle.
The 3 countries in The Northern Triangle are El Salvador, Honduras, & Guatemala.
U.S. has trained right wing death squads, financed coups, & exploitive investments.
This Fostered corruption seems to be principal cause of people migrating to the North.
People need humanitarian aid by all countries & governmental change.

A Simpler Way Of Food Sourcing: Go Local Path; Small Scale Local Food Production Enables Large Reductions in Resources Using Low Tech Supply Chain

Grow Food Locally:
Actual economies & advantages to raising food & crops at a local level.
Small-scale integrated localized settlements & economies enable enormous reductions in food costs.
Large savings with production in small scale, highly self-sufficient & cooperative local economies.
Study uses input–output analysis of one product, eggs. to make a local production even more viable.
Illustrates how big the difference & scale between two paths of food production can be.
Involves rarely recognized “diseconomies of scale” in assessing the impact of food sourcing.

Detecting & Tracking Greenhouse Gas Leaks or Emissions from Fossil Fuel Power Plants To Be Done by Satellites; Will Shake Up Methane Monitoring Technology.

$100 million Carbon Mapper project using satellites can detect & measure Greenhouse Gas leaks.
Satellites can also detect chemical signatures for excess salts or fungus on the ground.
And measures intensity of green chlorophyll & track fugitive methane emissions.
This potential to “shake up” the field of greenhouse gas monitoring & verification.
Means now capability to monitor leaks up to more than 80 times the warming power of CO2.

Smart Cities Mobilizing Vehicle Road Dynamics Insight to Gain Real Time View of Traffic Planning & Road Maintenance; AV’s May Reduce Volume, Increase Flow.

We have got to know the surface conditions and traffic volume on city streets.
There is an obvious if not overwhelming need to monitor street & road condition and maintenance needs
Ultimately, good road surface can increase traffic flow in cities.
Road evaluation & Process can provide technology & process now available.
Surface DNA from Tactile Mobility looks for characteristics of a road or street.
Such as roadway grades, banking, curvature, & mapping of hazards (potholes)
From this data and analysis cities can begin to solve the present traffic congestion & loss of productivity

World’s Biggest Independent Oil Trader is Making Used Gas Powered Cars a Household Name in Europe, Pakistan, & World Auto Retail Markets.

Oil Trader transitioned to marketing used cars globally.
World’s biggest independent oil trader wants to make a deal.
Storied trading house has launched a new venture called Vava Cars.
Sees big market to vehicles powered by fossil fuel as EVs crowd out gas powered sales in major countries.

EV Makers Looking to Startups for Innovation As Logistics Supply Providers Lag Behind in Technology; EV Issues Similar to ICE Vehicles; Safety & Power of Batteries Expensive;

This report from an internationally known & respected publisher-editor spells out the current position of global logistics.
While Technology is very important it seems that all logistics companies are quite behind on technology.
The content of this report should cause global logistics management to have a wake up call.