Sell Your Car & Start Walking Around Town

You can sell your car and walk to the store. Work may be another matter.
Sprawling Phoenix to get community that has no cars & no traffic.
Developer building a 1,000-person development set to open fall 2020.
This new hood bills itself as the “world’s first post-car real estate developer”.
Plans 167 rowhouse-size apartment buildings broken up by wide pedestrian malls.
Area is half-acre park where residents can walk their dogs and stage picnics.

NADA Talks Car Biz Diversity But

The National Automobile Dealers Association says it seeks to be diverse and have gender balance among its members.
But while it seems to be able recognize the organization’s problem, seizing opportunity & need to act is the challenge.
Now claims new awareness of imbalance & inequity is an “awakening” by doing “something” about racial & gender imbalance.
But still there are only 3 women yet 32 men on NADA Staff & Executive Committee. One black & one Latina.

Forget Retiring: Older Entrepreneurs Going After Longevity Market. Employing Skills to Deliver Services to Their Aging Counter Parts. No Retirement Needed.”

Retirement is for Old People–
And not some older people who are not retiring but rather developing new businesses for their counter parts.
Turning their life long skills into encore careers and filling a need to deliver services to their age group.
25% of new entrepreneurs in 2019 were 55-64 years of age. No slacking off here.

Be a Master Communicator: 3 PowerPoint Lessons From Andrew Cuomo on How to make Briefings & Presentations Grab & Impact

Being an effective communicator on all platforms and formats is a must in this time of disruption and survival.
This goes for even the email & text we send but really important on Zoom and on the phone.
You may have seen and followed daily the impactful presentations Andrew Cuomo made during the pandemic crisis in New York
Here are three of the basic guidelines that Cuomo mobilized to hold, inform, and even dazzle us each day of his reporting.

B Corp Certification Seeks to Fill Need for an Organization & Process to Gain Corporate Commitment to Environmental, Social, & Governance Objectives

A B Corp seeks to use a business model as a force for good including reform of Capitalism.
Objectives take into account  & prioritizes the needs of employees as stakeholders.
B Corp companies recognize the combined purpose & profit considerations.
The success of bringing large corporations into the B Corp Movement gave the certification credibility and acknowledgement of effort to do good.

Logistics Management Alert–Top Ten Lessons Learned From Watching Logistic Service Providers for Years

Whole industries and all those in logistics management who move goods and products should absorb these Ten Lessons.
This insightful and seasoned distillation of the realities of logistics and supply management is a must read.
In fact, the list should be saved, printed out, and posted on your office wall. And acted upon in mass.
These guidelines were shaped, positioned, and documented by the respected Louis Yiakoumi, Founder & Publisher of Auto Logistics Group.

Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

The U.S is almost desperately searching for solutions to its citizens health care.
While many have programs and ideas, Mark Cuban seems to be actively probing for answers.
Asking –“OK, what have we seen that has worked? ”
“How do we get from here to where we need to be?” CLICK to Learn Significance of Mark’s involvement.

How To Deal With Both the Good & The Bad Things U.S. Presidents Have, Should, or Could Have Done

Americans have always tried to honor their presidents, The Good and even Bad ones.
This has been done out of respect for the office & the cohesion of the country.
Heightened attention as part of Black Lives Matter has resurfaced past deeds and actions of presidents.
So statues, memorials, & history are being scrutinized to rid the deeds of Racism by our leaders.

Cuomo Uses a Comm Style that Gives the Press, People, & Politicians Five Lessons in How to Communicate Effectively

One of the major challenges for national & local governmental leaders is to get their message across.
Andrew Cuomo has risen to the occasion and this level with the COVID19 Pandemic in NY by being a master communicator,
His daily briefings were and still are captivating presentations because of his style, transparency and human touch. He is believable & a leader.

The Country has TRUMPHOBIA – An Affliction of Silence & Muted Response Caused by Fear & Aversion to Confront the Truth about Donald Trump

Time has come for congressional leadership to speak out about what Trump is doing and has done.
A kind of fear to speak and confront has apparently come to the U.S. Congress.
Maybe to the American people as a whole- definitely those who lead & shape public opinion.
All it takes is a small group of what we thought we leaders to act – and soon.

Bud Lite Leader Doesn’t Go Lightly With Culture of Adaptability & Empowered Employees

The head of a major brewing company, Budweiser, steps up with a vision, dream, and strategy to not only conquer the logistics of a Pandemic market but is inclusive of people and Bud customers.
Carlo Brito seeks to foster a community that focuses on people as a sustainable business strategy.

Even touches on equality for women even tho only 2 appear to be in the management team. Buds’ “Lite-ly” objectives not to be treated lightly.