The Great Drying; Earth Changing Under Your Feet; Scientists Say Dryness Creating New Soil; Survival of Birds & Fish in Lakes & Rivers at Stake;

Lakes & rivers are drying up;

Drought is upon us,

Severe aridification is coming;

Loss of Trees & reduction of Snow Pack with worse Fires

Factor of heat is also present;

Insistence that human involvement is cause;

Who gets the water? The metro population or agriculture?

Meantime, we adapt to the changes in ecology;

Seek to Learn from the past;

Consider praying for rain;

Rain, Rain, Come and Play!!

EGADs!!— Can’t Do That Anymore; Growing Older Brings Big Changes; Regrets & Restoration Resurface; Need for Guide, Mentor, Parent, or Adult Along the Way to Do Right Things;

You are getting older faster than you thought;

Before you know it you are designated as “Old”

Realize that you aging is in steps or events;

At some point–one becomes aware of things that should have been done or not;

Gain awareness of need for guidance & support as one grows older;

Need to plan ahead and know what to expect in time;

Aging is aging — cannot stop it.

Adapt and plan ahead for support & care;

Try to be realistic and calm; Believe in yourself

Get Off My Lanai; Or Front Porch for Larry Ellison; Bot the Island & Now Taking Over All Services; Locals Leaving; Closing Businesses; Upscaling What Was Once Pineapple Fields;

Ellison is calling shots on Lanai.

One by one he has taken over local vendors;

Gradually Getting Rid of Businesses & Re-Building the Island;

Ellison is every body’s boss & landlord –so no alternatives;

He gives little explanation for actions;

No good way to stay on Ellison’s good side;

Results in locals leaving & Leaving Larry in charge;

Ellison has spent $90B to improve the Island;

$300 M purchase came with 98% of Lanai’s 90,000 acres,
Plus two Four Seasons resorts

Mad as Hell; Had Enough; Can’t Just Sit Here Anymore; Frustration Causes Warrior Coach to Blast An Appeal to Congress; Senators Remain Silent While People Outraged;

Finally time to do something

NBA Coach, Steve Kerr, blasts Congress for not acting on gun control;

Kerr appealed directly to Senators about Need to pass HR 8:

Wants every person to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister or brother.;

Ask Yourself –How would you feel if this happened to you today?

It’s a Matter of Timing; Union Fever Going Epidemic; Union Movement is Now; Young Tech Workers Seeking Capitalize on Comp & Benefit Demands;

Young workers at 3 principal sources of are good to go union;

Meantime older established unions & members seem cool & jaded;

Young people are enthusiastic about unions;

New Union movement is being driven by young workers;

Older Unions do not seem to recognize drive by younger workers;

Meantime, Apple, Amazon, & Starbuck are going Union;

Seeks that ownership of the enterprise is not an option;

The union way may be the future of commerce & distribution;

If Only–Where Are the Leaders? Is Absence the Problem? Do they Matter? Leadership Matters; Carly Fiorina is Right On; It’s The Power of Choice;

It’s all in how you think it is;

The power of the mind enables choices;

How? By taking back your power make choices & lead;

90 percent of our sense of satisfaction in life comes from intrinsic sources;

It is not our circumstances, but how we respond to them.

But is a way to get ourselves into trouble–

Live as if our happiness depends on external factors.

Instead demonstrate things like courage, character, & collaboration:

You are what you think you are.

And who you are;

The Power of Influence.– Why Can’t We Just Get Along? How We Can Persuade People to Unite & Work Together–Need to Make the Premises of This Book a Part of National Psyche, Purpose, & Education;

Wanna help people with their heads?

Buy give away copies of this book; Send to people who care.

Is probable the most influential books on human interaction in last 50;

Has shaped the workplace culture by developing effective leaders.

Recognizes that by creating a positive climate that inspires team members;

Contributes & influences to their best.

Great leaders are fully committed to the success of their people;

Seek potential and know how to bring out the best in them.

The Downfall of a Navy Seal; Review of Gallagher’s Corruption of America’s Finest As Accessed By a Marine NCO

The Navy Seals returned from Iraq as heroes.

However, Their credibility & standing came into question.

Eddiie Gallagher was their leader & acted out in the battlefield.

Did he murder Three civilians & become a hero or criminal?

A trial followed in which Gallagher got off.

Here is a Review of the court martial verdict & trial by a Marine, Journalist & Consultant

Reviewer Jim Thompson is a credible critic, analyst, & Marine.

Live it Up; You Can Extend Your Life Span But It Takes Work Every Day; It’s a Mindset; A Way of Thinking & Acting; Can it be Done?

Getting older means you gotta get bolder;

It all a matter of your mental or mind set.

How do you do that?

You develop your own longevity mindset;

Adopt these 7 steps or means to accomplish an approach;

It’s about sleep, exercise, & basically taking care of your self.

Your attitude will prevail so think it out.

Stay active and move.

Examine and assess the seven basic areas:

1. Beliefs.
2. Media diet.
3. Community.
4. Sleep habits.
5. Your diet.
6. Exercise habits.
7. Mindset.

Wake Up & Listen Now. It’s All About Listening Leadership; Getting the Opposing Ideas on the Table; Taking the Sting Out of of Inconvenient Truths or Ideas We Don’t Want to Hear.

Another stupid idea or brilliant solution?

Got to listen to find out.

Even if it causes anxiety and even more conflict.

Need to embrace inconvenient truths that could help;

Better to learn this valuable lesson sooner rather than later.

Opportunity for learning & growth hides in perspectives we  don’t want to hear.

The perspectives that confuse, infuriate, and challenge us;

Ask yourself what learning and growth are you missing out on by ignoring inconvenient truths;

Ask people to share what’s missing in the solutions

Experiential Appreciation Effective Pathway to Meaning in Life. Find the 3 Factors–Coherent Life Style, Goal Oriented, & Life Matters. The Beauty of Nature is Great Start;

What’s it all about, Alfy?

The meaning & purpose of Life?

What are we to do?

Maybe it all boils down to three factors:

1) gaining the feeling that one’s life is coherent and “makes sense,”

2) Take possession of clear and satisfying long-term goals

3) Belief that one’s life matters in the grand scheme of things.

Psychologists call these three things coherence, purpose & existential mattering.

Appreciate the Beauty if Nature Around Us Every day;

People managed stress by focusing on their appreciation for life’s beauty;

Now Chill Out & just be calm

Tell Me A True Story; Help Me See The Future; Narratives End Up As Our Truths: So We Have to Seek to Prepare For the Future; A Narrative is a Story about Something.

Tell me a story– and seek to make it the truth.

Use a narrative and tell me what it does.

Narratives have carved the paths of history;

Our narratives also bring out the best in us.

For decades now, people have been destabilizing the world,

We hav failed to imagine the consequences of our actions on our societies & our biosphere;

Global solutions begin with the right story or narrative;

Narratives shape our perceptions, form our realities & influence our choice.

Literature about narratives makes it clear that we think, act, & communicate in terms of narratives,

End up being the truths, or the ideas we accept as truths,

“Getting Old Sucks”—BUT It Does NOT Have To; Trick is to Develop Positive View of Age-ing; Counter View Fostered By Media; Find Ways to Go Positive; Need Vision

Getting Old is a Bitch

You don’t want to do it.

People & the Media have created a self fulfilling prophecy about aging;

Need for new ways of thinking & acting to break the Age Code

See Book – Break the Age Code–

People with positive view of aging are outliving those with negative;

What we do –Don’t ask to find how it was –just Google it

You are as old as you think you are,

There are silent & deadly ways about ageism operating in our society;

Forward March– Eyes Right: Proposed “Force in Readiness” Plan by Marine Commandant Causes Resistance From 24 Retired Generals; Congress Confused

Are changes to the traditional Marine Corps coming?

Visionary general proposes smaller, more tech Corp structure,

Proposed changes cause concern & resistance among former generals.

A New Corps and new kind of leadership needed to accomplish Marine mission

Seeks to provide homogeneous, all encompassing “force of readiness”

Retired generals raise questions about current commandant’s radical new ideas.

Semper Fi

Take Us to Your Leader —What Was Needed;–New & Different Leadership From Zelensky; Shows Us How to Communicate; Get On Point & Stick With Message;

This guy was what? — A Comedian. Come on!!

The importance of leadership is manifested in Ukraine’s Leader;

Zelensky is what the World needed.

He has been a putdown for Putin.

Zelensky’s consistent on-point messaging;

His unwavering dedication to the cause.

Asked the world for help in fighting off Vladimir Putin’s brutal advance.

Juggling a number of urgent and often disparate issues at once.

We need some heroes. And Leaders.

Exhibited consistent management strengths:

His on-point messaging; & dedication to the cause.

Turn the Page on Age; Experience Pays; Older Workers Find New Jobs & Careers; You, Too, Can Do It; Be Mentor & Group Leader;

Some Say — “You don’t know what you don’t know til it too late”;

As one ages, wisdom sets in and experience is applied;

Older workers still being misused, ignored, & maybe actually abused;

Experience, knowledge, & wisdom being overlooked;

See 4 actions you can take and really keep making a difference;

Age matters–

So do you and what you know is invaluable.

Don’t let age, time, and youth blow you off;

Go for it

You Are Stressed? How Not to Blow Up—Instead Chill Out and Get Away For a While; Be Intelligent; Think Long Term;

How do you deal with yourself when stressed?

Are you emotionally healthy? Do you like yourself?

Here are some resources & practices that may help you:

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Get away & be quiet; Go for a walk or a drive;

Be Intelligent

Suck it up and think about your impact on others;

Listen to and empathize with yourself & others

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you;

Don’t take it all so seriously. You will live.

Be calm and move slowly & methodically.

Refigure—Reshuffle—Re-Think What You Do & How You Work; Don’t Quit; Fill a Need; You Can Make the Job You Accepted the Job You Wanted

Great Reshuffle is a New Dance of Career Professionals;

Now finding new jobs that better fit their lifestyle.

Workers – globally, aren’t just leaving the workforce;

Millions of people are reconfiguring their careers.

Nothing wrong with mixing things up and trying something new.
But Before you change your source of income & career path;

Consider what you can do to make things work where you are.

Find a need and fill it; Every group of humans needs fresh eyes and fixing hands.

What is your vision of your reshuffled job function & objective?

You have the job you created over time.

Grabbing & Holding Power Is Game Name; Who Really Has the Power in U.S. Government? New Media & Groups Seem to Control House & Senate With Dark Money from Lobbying;

Got a dime for your cause campaign?

Things are changing more than we realized.

Changes to the election ecosystem are occurring.

These changes have enabled lobbying & donor money to control governmental & legislative bodies.

Buying influence and political clout are here more than ever,

Take a look at who has the power to control governing these days. Are they?

Silence from the leaders of both parties leave the country without real leadership.

Things are not transparent.

Immobilized seems to describe our condition & outcome.

Gangs in LA Kill Off Duty Policeman; Warfare & Killing Police Continues; Four Florence 13 Gang Arrested; Gang Stoppage on Big Scale Seems Not Yet Possible

Gangs are still the rule in parts of East LA;

No real explanation for why this particular off duty policeman was killed;

Difficulty of LA Police to control gangs run by members in prison & Mexican mafia;

F-13 is a large, multi-generational street gang for last 10 years:

Combining of Border Patrol, Immigration, FBI & LA City Police & Fed Drug Agency might be more effective;

More cooperation & info exchange with city, state & Fed would be be a massive effort to stop drug sales and racketeering;

Appears control of street gangs is impossible until East LA Community deals with economic & social problems.

Ten Forecasts for 2022; What Consumers Will Buy & Companies Should Adapt & Supply Product or Service; Expect Strong but Slowing Economic Growth in 2022

Of the many things the World needs now is a positive forecast.

Here are Ten Forecasts that are positive & hopeful for you.

From this kind of business forecasting & analysis we can develop better strategies .

Forecasting is the process of estimating future demand& inputs to make informed estimates

Can sort out predictive signs that determine the direction of future trends.

We can expect strong but slowing economic growth in 2022

Get Ready; You Probably Are Going to Work Most of Your Remaining Life; Stage Your Aging for Longer Career; Work Future of 60 year Careers are becoming the norm

Old people seem to struggle to keep up or just not be discarded.

Young people seem to realize the prejudice toward them & older people.

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination against people based on their age.

To Counter– Replan your life span.
5 ways to combat & even prevent ageism at work :
1. Remain vigilant, recognize stereotyping & avoid making assumptions.
2. Offer training opportunities.
3. Match for Social Cues in Workplace:
4. Open Dialogue With Employees.
5. Implement mentorship programs

Will Capitalism Run Out of Capital? Can Conscious Capitalism Keep Driving ESP Investing? Is U.S. Economy a Successful Model for Global Adoption of Capitalism? U.S. Being Copied?

Show me your capital. Capitalize on Capital.

Capital is going to scarcer in 2020s

Populism, climate change & supply-chain fixes will raise long-term cost of capital.

Economic populism seems to have no constraints.

Fiscal stimulus is back in style

We Got “Truth Decay”- Come Clean, America; Assessing the Truth is The Challenge of Our Times; Retiring Rand Corp Author & Leader Seeks Mind Share of the Public to Find Best Solutions

Tell me the Truth & Tell me now.

Universal ability to identify & hold on to the Truth is/ are under siege.

Now is time to break out & act on solutions from Rand Corp & its leader.

Book focuses on breaking Out Action-ables from Rand Studies

Now If We Can Just Fix Work–Need to Focus More on Making the Work Place Where Things Get Fixed; Now Growing Gap in Workers Do & How Paid.

Work is changing in where and how

With it -growing gap between worker productivity & compensation.

Work continues to ignore the role of systemic racism, pervasive sexism, & empowerment.

Declining worker power is influencing labor market outcomes.

Work place’s acceptance of the persistent overrepresentation of women & workers of color in low quality work.