The Great Drying; Earth Changing Under Your Feet; Scientists Say Dryness Creating New Soil; Survival of Birds & Fish in Lakes & Rivers at Stake;

Lakes & rivers are drying up;

Drought is upon us,

Severe aridification is coming;

Loss of Trees & reduction of Snow Pack with worse Fires

Factor of heat is also present;

Insistence that human involvement is cause;

Who gets the water? The metro population or agriculture?

Meantime, we adapt to the changes in ecology;

Seek to Learn from the past;

Consider praying for rain;

Rain, Rain, Come and Play!!

EGADs!!— Can’t Do That Anymore; Growing Older Brings Big Changes; Regrets & Restoration Resurface; Need for Guide, Mentor, Parent, or Adult Along the Way to Do Right Things;

You are getting older faster than you thought;

Before you know it you are designated as “Old”

Realize that you aging is in steps or events;

At some point–one becomes aware of things that should have been done or not;

Gain awareness of need for guidance & support as one grows older;

Need to plan ahead and know what to expect in time;

Aging is aging — cannot stop it.

Adapt and plan ahead for support & care;

Try to be realistic and calm; Believe in yourself

Mad as Hell; Had Enough; Can’t Just Sit Here Anymore; Frustration Causes Warrior Coach to Blast An Appeal to Congress; Senators Remain Silent While People Outraged;

Finally time to do something

NBA Coach, Steve Kerr, blasts Congress for not acting on gun control;

Kerr appealed directly to Senators about Need to pass HR 8:

Wants every person to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister or brother.;

Ask Yourself –How would you feel if this happened to you today?

Live it Up; You Can Extend Your Life Span But It Takes Work Every Day; It’s a Mindset; A Way of Thinking & Acting; Can it be Done?

Getting older means you gotta get bolder;

It all a matter of your mental or mind set.

How do you do that?

You develop your own longevity mindset;

Adopt these 7 steps or means to accomplish an approach;

It’s about sleep, exercise, & basically taking care of your self.

Your attitude will prevail so think it out.

Stay active and move.

Examine and assess the seven basic areas:

1. Beliefs.
2. Media diet.
3. Community.
4. Sleep habits.
5. Your diet.
6. Exercise habits.
7. Mindset.

“Getting Old Sucks”—BUT It Does NOT Have To; Trick is to Develop Positive View of Age-ing; Counter View Fostered By Media; Find Ways to Go Positive; Need Vision

Getting Old is a Bitch

You don’t want to do it.

People & the Media have created a self fulfilling prophecy about aging;

Need for new ways of thinking & acting to break the Age Code

See Book – Break the Age Code–

People with positive view of aging are outliving those with negative;

What we do –Don’t ask to find how it was –just Google it

You are as old as you think you are,

There are silent & deadly ways about ageism operating in our society;

Turn the Page on Age; Experience Pays; Older Workers Find New Jobs & Careers; You, Too, Can Do It; Be Mentor & Group Leader;

Some Say — “You don’t know what you don’t know til it too late”;

As one ages, wisdom sets in and experience is applied;

Older workers still being misused, ignored, & maybe actually abused;

Experience, knowledge, & wisdom being overlooked;

See 4 actions you can take and really keep making a difference;

Age matters–

So do you and what you know is invaluable.

Don’t let age, time, and youth blow you off;

Go for it

Get Ready; You Probably Are Going to Work Most of Your Remaining Life; Stage Your Aging for Longer Career; Work Future of 60 year Careers are becoming the norm

Old people seem to struggle to keep up or just not be discarded.

Young people seem to realize the prejudice toward them & older people.

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination against people based on their age.

To Counter– Replan your life span.
5 ways to combat & even prevent ageism at work :
1. Remain vigilant, recognize stereotyping & avoid making assumptions.
2. Offer training opportunities.
3. Match for Social Cues in Workplace:
4. Open Dialogue With Employees.
5. Implement mentorship programs

The Great Carbon Pull Is On: Company Seeks to Find Cheaper Way to Remove CO2; Uses Direct From Air Process, Shipping Containers, & Zeolites

Objective is to remove CO2 or carbon from the atmosphere.
And store CO2 it pulled out air in basalt-based minerals
Being on-site will make that integration cheaper.
Need to avoid new carbon emissions & remove carbon dioxide..
And to deal with warming of planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius

One way to do this: Direct-air-capture (DAC) technology.
Pulls CO2 directly out of the air, so it can be stored somewhere else.

But High cost of DAC today means few companies currently use it.

People Don’t Really Know Much Til They Are At Least 40; Takes Time, Experience, Some Suffering, Failure, Living & Aging to Really Contribute & Know What

Getting Older is a challenge in the Work Force.
Prejudice against older coworkers persists; Age-ism attitudes remain.
Even among those who openly oppose racism and sexism.
Business growth & expansion means career advancement, not geriatricide.
Younger workers tend to be more empathetic when they realize many older workers can’t afford to retire.
No substitute for experience and time in work & life.

POI-Hawaii’s Perfect Food; Made From Taro Roots; Could be Complete Diet for Hawaii’s People; Retains Spiritual Power, Needs Public Education, Investment, & More Water

Taro or Poi is nutritious and an excellent source of essential trace minerals.
like manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper,& phosphorus.
Poi made from taro roots was & could again be complete diet for Molokai & Hawaii people.
Poi was once considered an important & sacred aspect of daily Hawaiian life.
Taro needs a lot of water & that is why not major food product in Hawaii (Molokai).

Getting Energized Together. Study Shows Importance of Politics in Energy Planning & Management; Reveals Less Differences Between Parties Than Thought

Study on Energy sourcing shows that politics are not that big a factor.
Shows New approach to climate change from study opens new markets.
U.S. policy states need for renewable energy generation strategies.
Study looked specifically at the prices of natural gas.
Scope of the study evaluated how pricing affects the level of emissions. 

Feeling Like You May Be Over The Hill? How You Think Is How You Are; Your Next Act Can Be Your Biggest. So Get on Stage Now. The Curtain is Opening

Sometimes it seems like being young is an advantage in the current business world.
This is only partially true–most because they grew up with computers, social media & cell phones.
But the new reality is that most people become more creative, productive, and just plain smart with age.
We are only as old as we think we are. So we need to stop thinking that we are over The Hill & get back on conquering another hill.
Aging people have learned over time that how you think is how you are. Most young people do not have the experience.
People over 50 are now having successful third acts.
All because of how one is thinking. Realize that you can create a whole new career, reputations, and power position at any age.

Why are Salmon Dying? Chemicals from Tires in Highway Runoff Rainwater Explain Why 90% of Coho Salmon Mysterious Die Each Year

Prized fish are dying while seeking to reproduce. Study Finds out why.
Coho salmon keep dying in streams of Washington state every year.
Study by university scientists has discovered the cause of these fish deaths.
Road run off of car tire chemicals enter streams & waterways causing mass die-off of Salmon on West Coast.
Study has found one added highly toxic chemical in tires on the road washes off and is deadly to salmon.
Chemicals washed off roads is found on every single nearby spawning streams in the Northwest.
Solution is to remove the chemical 6PPD from the streams but no indication of action to do so or how yet

Forget Retiring: Older Entrepreneurs Going After Longevity Market. Employing Skills to Deliver Services to Their Aging Counter Parts. No Retirement Needed.”

Retirement is for Old People–
And not some older people who are not retiring but rather developing new businesses for their counter parts.
Turning their life long skills into encore careers and filling a need to deliver services to their age group.
25% of new entrepreneurs in 2019 were 55-64 years of age. No slacking off here.