WHAT’S NEXT? The Power of Science & Technology is Taking the World Into New Era of Exploration & Experimentation; See List Growing With Investment & Innovation.

Wow –What is next?
Can we keep up?

Seems to be more innovation, startups, & investment in Technology than ever.

Science is gaining more credibility in spite of COVID & Misinformation

Here is a significant list of what is emerging where science & tech are focusing.

Startups are being funded with innovative SPAC underwriting.

All or most of this Working List are being developed and gaining investment & impact.

From the publication of the all inclusive and definitive Economist magazine.

22 emerging technologies to be watched, adapted, & adopted:

The Great Carbon Pull Is On: Company Seeks to Find Cheaper Way to Remove CO2; Uses Direct From Air Process, Shipping Containers, & Zeolites

Objective is to remove CO2 or carbon from the atmosphere.
And store CO2 it pulled out air in basalt-based minerals
Being on-site will make that integration cheaper.
Need to avoid new carbon emissions & remove carbon dioxide..
And to deal with warming of planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius

One way to do this: Direct-air-capture (DAC) technology.
Pulls CO2 directly out of the air, so it can be stored somewhere else.

But High cost of DAC today means few companies currently use it.

“You Know”, ” I Mean”–DON’T Use Words That Are Common Culprits of Cramping Communication. Use a “Pregnant Pause” Instead To Gain Impact

Are we using words in our conversations as fillers?
Is this not just annoying but reflects on person saying such words?

Filler words & phrases make you sound unprofessional and less credible.
These “vocalized pauses” (filler words) will “severely cramp the effectiveness of your communication.

Avoid These 5 Filler Words to Sound More Charming & Confident”. –And articulate.

Pulling The Right Strings. The Power of Lobby Money Controls Current Congress. Campaign Donations Have Massive Dark Money, Influence, Power, & Are Undisclosed

$34B Lobby Money in 2018. Got to be more now.

The first reason for lobbying is classic interest-group politics:

Well-financed, well-organized lobbying groups strongly oppose major bills..
Often no powerful grass-roots group are devoted to merits of certain issues.

Dirty or Dark Money should be reported & published for every bill going through Congress,

You Waited Til The Last Moment Again; Now You Are Scrambling. Author Seeks to Show How to Make Deadlines Work With Rehearsals & Soft Scheduling

I will get to this tomorrow. Maybe this afternoon.
We all tend to wait until the last moment to go after a difficult task.
Procrastination particularly common among hi achieving people.
Delays cause rushing & shoddy results & reap the Sin of depending on future time.
This book about deadlines is a wise & counterintuitive book that explores the power of deadlines.
Deadline Process provides focus, urgency, & cooperation for project.
Setting deadlines are said to concentrate the mind.
Spells out uniquely effective tools of motivation & empowerment. Soft deadlines seems to be answer.

Five Simple Habits for You to Use Your Emotional Intelligence; Understand & Manage Your Emotions to Self-motivate & Create Positive Social Interactions

Are you emotionally intelligent?
Emotional intelligence allows you to understand and manage your emotions
You can use it to self-motivate and to create positive social interactions;
People will respond to more effectively and maybe even come to love you.
Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace gives you the ability to create better relationships
Your coworkers, your friends, and your family will respond positively.

Try these five basic applications of emotional intelligence and see what happens to you.

People Don’t Really Know Much Til They Are At Least 40; Takes Time, Experience, Some Suffering, Failure, Living & Aging to Really Contribute & Know What

Getting Older is a challenge in the Work Force.
Prejudice against older coworkers persists; Age-ism attitudes remain.
Even among those who openly oppose racism and sexism.
Business growth & expansion means career advancement, not geriatricide.
Younger workers tend to be more empathetic when they realize many older workers can’t afford to retire.
No substitute for experience and time in work & life.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Successful Entrepreneur? See What Two Who Succeeded Advise–Sound Solutions & Counsel From Two Solid Sources

Many people seek to be entrepreneurs and manifest their visionary dreams
Few really succeed and really produce the wealth, results, & substantive industry impact
This was particularly the case in the 1980s when two Carnegie Mellon grads & instructors founded LeaseTek.
LeaseTek was one the first companies to successfully program and computerize leasing in banks & financial Institutions.
Mike Pochan & Robert Culbertson created software, technology, and financial processes still being utilized today. And they successfully sold their company.

POI-Hawaii’s Perfect Food; Made From Taro Roots; Could be Complete Diet for Hawaii’s People; Retains Spiritual Power, Needs Public Education, Investment, & More Water

Taro or Poi is nutritious and an excellent source of essential trace minerals.
like manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper,& phosphorus.
Poi made from taro roots was & could again be complete diet for Molokai & Hawaii people.
Poi was once considered an important & sacred aspect of daily Hawaiian life.
Taro needs a lot of water & that is why not major food product in Hawaii (Molokai).

Getting Energized Together. Study Shows Importance of Politics in Energy Planning & Management; Reveals Less Differences Between Parties Than Thought

Study on Energy sourcing shows that politics are not that big a factor.
Shows New approach to climate change from study opens new markets.
U.S. policy states need for renewable energy generation strategies.
Study looked specifically at the prices of natural gas.
Scope of the study evaluated how pricing affects the level of emissions. 

Wake Up Everybody- Put on Your Headset; Close the Door- And Play This Link as Loud as You Can; Follow the Lyrics. –And Go

The profound impact of Teddy Pendergast & The Blue Notes Lives on.
The words of this song are so applicable and timely that we must respond.
The lyrics says–
“The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me’
Are we going to do it or just keep taking shots at one another?

Are You Really Listening When Other People Talk? Can You Really Hear Them & Just Listen? Try Applying The Secrets of Successful Listening & See

Could things not just be about each other & how we think about each other?
It is certainly about listening, then caring, helping, accepting, & serving others.
Would not listening to each other reveal how we can help & make things better?
It may be more about some deep concern, uncertainty, or fear they have.
While it seems it is about politics—but it may not be at all. It’s more

Feeling Like You May Be Over The Hill? How You Think Is How You Are; Your Next Act Can Be Your Biggest. So Get on Stage Now. The Curtain is Opening

Sometimes it seems like being young is an advantage in the current business world.
This is only partially true–most because they grew up with computers, social media & cell phones.
But the new reality is that most people become more creative, productive, and just plain smart with age.
We are only as old as we think we are. So we need to stop thinking that we are over The Hill & get back on conquering another hill.
Aging people have learned over time that how you think is how you are. Most young people do not have the experience.
People over 50 are now having successful third acts.
All because of how one is thinking. Realize that you can create a whole new career, reputations, and power position at any age.

We Can Choose in 2021; Not Be Afraid; To Be Humble, Empathetic; Collaborative & Constructive; Fix Things & Solve Our Problems

These resolutions from Carly are so timely and give us all a boost.
The core of her counsel is that we have a choice — to do something about our problems.
As a country, as individuals, as family members, and as a leader– Yes- a Leader.
You and me can change, fix, and solve– and can do with love, empathy, and support. No “Ors” from now on.
2021 will be the best year of our lives. We need only to choose to change and reach out for one another. ( While wearing a mask)

Making a List – Not for Santa But for The Country. A One Thing List Of Action-ables To Do Right Now To Fix America

Seems that pretty much every one has a solution for some national problem.
If we asked, what would we hear from a group of on-the-ground experts about specific ideas to help address our most pressing problems?
From the economy, health care, education, social justice or climate change. Or peoples attitudes, positions, and self interest.
Here is a list of their responses to the question: “What is one thing you would do to fix America right now?” See their answers.

Why are Salmon Dying? Chemicals from Tires in Highway Runoff Rainwater Explain Why 90% of Coho Salmon Mysterious Die Each Year

Prized fish are dying while seeking to reproduce. Study Finds out why.
Coho salmon keep dying in streams of Washington state every year.
Study by university scientists has discovered the cause of these fish deaths.
Road run off of car tire chemicals enter streams & waterways causing mass die-off of Salmon on West Coast.
Study has found one added highly toxic chemical in tires on the road washes off and is deadly to salmon.
Chemicals washed off roads is found on every single nearby spawning streams in the Northwest.
Solution is to remove the chemical 6PPD from the streams but no indication of action to do so or how yet

Sell Your Car & Start Walking Around Town

You can sell your car and walk to the store. Work may be another matter.
Sprawling Phoenix to get community that has no cars & no traffic.
Developer building a 1,000-person development set to open fall 2020.
This new hood bills itself as the “world’s first post-car real estate developer”.
Plans 167 rowhouse-size apartment buildings broken up by wide pedestrian malls.
Area is half-acre park where residents can walk their dogs and stage picnics.

NADA Talks Car Biz Diversity But

The National Automobile Dealers Association says it seeks to be diverse and have gender balance among its members.
But while it seems to be able recognize the organization’s problem, seizing opportunity & need to act is the challenge.
Now claims new awareness of imbalance & inequity is an “awakening” by doing “something” about racial & gender imbalance.
But still there are only 3 women yet 32 men on NADA Staff & Executive Committee. One black & one Latina.

Forget Retiring: Older Entrepreneurs Going After Longevity Market. Employing Skills to Deliver Services to Their Aging Counter Parts. No Retirement Needed.”

Retirement is for Old People–
And not some older people who are not retiring but rather developing new businesses for their counter parts.
Turning their life long skills into encore careers and filling a need to deliver services to their age group.
25% of new entrepreneurs in 2019 were 55-64 years of age. No slacking off here.

Be a Master Communicator: 3 PowerPoint Lessons From Andrew Cuomo on How to make Briefings & Presentations Grab & Impact

Being an effective communicator on all platforms and formats is a must in this time of disruption and survival.
This goes for even the email & text we send but really important on Zoom and on the phone.
You may have seen and followed daily the impactful presentations Andrew Cuomo made during the pandemic crisis in New York
Here are three of the basic guidelines that Cuomo mobilized to hold, inform, and even dazzle us each day of his reporting.

B Corp Certification Seeks to Fill Need for an Organization & Process to Gain Corporate Commitment to Environmental, Social, & Governance Objectives

A B Corp seeks to use a business model as a force for good including reform of Capitalism.
Objectives take into account  & prioritizes the needs of employees as stakeholders.
B Corp companies recognize the combined purpose & profit considerations.
The success of bringing large corporations into the B Corp Movement gave the certification credibility and acknowledgement of effort to do good.

Logistics Management Alert–Top Ten Lessons Learned From Watching Logistic Service Providers for Years

Whole industries and all those in logistics management who move goods and products should absorb these Ten Lessons.
This insightful and seasoned distillation of the realities of logistics and supply management is a must read.
In fact, the list should be saved, printed out, and posted on your office wall. And acted upon in mass.
These guidelines were shaped, positioned, and documented by the respected Louis Yiakoumi, Founder & Publisher of Auto Logistics Group.

Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

The U.S is almost desperately searching for solutions to its citizens health care.
While many have programs and ideas, Mark Cuban seems to be actively probing for answers.
Asking –“OK, what have we seen that has worked? ”
“How do we get from here to where we need to be?” CLICK to Learn Significance of Mark’s involvement.