Come Home Red Salmon; Chinook Eggs Return to McCloud River; Survived First Time in 80 years; Finally –Now to Keep Surviving in River;

Red is back —

Young Chinook are surviving ;

Experts & Tribes regard return of Chinook as real blessing;

For Winnermem Winter, tribe salmon is cultural center;

Traps were used to catch the salmon eggs;

Need to develop a passage or swim way for the eggs & fish back;

Officials can now monitor eggs growth & behavior;

Tribe guided the return of the Chinook;

20,000 salmon eggs collected with a ceremony;

Tribe & Officials can now monitor eggs growth & behavior;

Red is the fish we need;

Lessons Learned From Droughts Not All Wet– Most Promises for Water by CA Kept; Droughts Produce Policy; Tendency is to backslide After Drought; CA Could Reduce Water Usage by 48%;

Is our water policy all wet?

We gotta cut our usage of water;

There are action-ables that CA can take’

Massive effort to conserve water where ever possible;

Like manage Ground water & rain water capture;

Start with cutbacks in water usage overall;

Set up Water capture & reuse;

Make Preservation of water conservation practices;

Engage in better management of groundwater;

No Way to Get Rid of Plastics; Used in Every Part of Lives; Appears to be No Alternatives for Packaging; No Way Now to Replace; Or Even Recycle Effectively;

Plastics are everywhere, Mrs Robinson

Plastic is in every aspect of our lives;

We cannot live without it at present time;
Plastics today are a 20th Century invention;

Even Packaging industry could account for 20% of oil production by 2050;

Today, the packaging industry is by far the biggest user of virgin plastic;

Need for a change of habits, packaging, re-use, & storage;

Need shorter food chains; better food storage methods; & less waste;

Better methods including containerization & recycle to keep plastics from over running management;

Suck Out That Carbon; Carbon Removal Getting Big Money Backing; Race to Develop New Methods; Demand for Carbon Removal Technology; Capture & Store Underground Indefinitely;

Carbon Removal is about to be BIG;

Critical challenge is removal from atmosphere

Storage underground for many years;

Spurring investment –$2B has been allocated by companies;

Carbon Removal is emerging Hotbed of Financial & Tech Investment.

How? – Use of Direct Air removal process;

Capture & remove carbon and store underground for years;

Carbon collection under ground is like trash pickup process;

Companies are engaging in direct air capture;

When are Trees Healthy? How They Survive Despite Age, Lack of Water & Threats; Need for Plan & Rules to Protect Healthy, Alive, & Old Trees

California forests are full of dead or unhealthy trees;

No way to effectively clear dead growth and fire prone growth;

Trees are growing older & unprotected; so new growth is needed;

Many mature forests are 100 years old;

Young trees are the future;

Competition, insect infestation, & timber harvests are threats;

Burn Baby Burn –May be the answer in the end.

Explore how tree communities can reduce risk;

Epic CA Water Shortfall Forthcoming; Stand by for Water Rationing; Lakes Powell & Mead Are Shrinking; Proposed Cut Goes to 35% from 15%;

Enough water is not enough;

CA must have lot of water & people;

Water is NOT being conserved in CA;

Preservation levels remained lower than 15 % target;

More water is being used;

Increased consumption of water is increasing since March 2020;

Reservoir levels are low; Shifts in water cycles;

Water districts want to cut consumption by 35%;

Water, Water, And less we are to have;

Drought proposal about to be announced (in May);

Mother Nature is reminding us that drought is forthcoming;

Pass On The Salt; Drought Buster Too Costly–Desalination of Ocean Water Solution Not Cost Effective; Plus Damages Marine Coastal Environment & Raises Water Bills;

Managing water resources may be focus.

Not desalination or other means of extracting water from the air;

California continues to seek to confront water supply issues.

Governor & Activists advocate desalination; BUT

Water district oppose the proposed desalination actions

Would seriously damage the marine coastal environment.

To produce the costliest water of any source available

Also raise water bills for residents and businesses;

Cost of salt removal process is too much for now.

Back to basics of water management;

Think water conservation every day.

It’s Been 100 Years—Finally Molokai Stream Water Is Back; Being Restored to Five Molokai Streams; Producing the Recharging of Ground Water & Restoring of Spring Flows;

Molokai in the middle of a chain is an Island in Time.

And Water is the life source for all

So a stream of restored water source is almost miraculous.

Water has been restored to five streams on Molokai;

After more than a century was almost fully diverted & often dry;

Molokai leadership & influencers finally said enough is enough.

No longer could just sit & watch this precious water being thrown away.

Flow standards set for the waterways that were often dry for almost a century.

Commission expects the restored stream flows will have dramatic benefits;

Change Your Understanding of Climate Change? Industry Analyst Suggests “No need to Be Alarmed”; Says Climate Change is Just Nature in Action Over Thousands of Years;

Things are a-changing?

Or Are They really? Academic says only as nature has done in past.

Mother Nature will change regardless of what we do;

So –Suggests eliminating Earth Day– for one thing.

Note – Ice shelves falling into the ocean in the Antarctic or Arctic seas are part of a natural cycle–

Part of a problem or cycle that is tens of thousands of years old;

Climate temperature data shows that the Earth is in a cooling cycle;

Act like it never ever really happened as to be the mode.

Per some environmental extremist claims- New York City should be underwater today.

Venice should be gone.

Howl in the Night; Idaho State’s Action to Kill Wolves Based on Misconceptions & the Politics of Hunters vs Environmentalists; Groups Over Reacted to Elk & Cattle Deaths by Wolves;

It’s open season on shooting Grey wolves in Idaho.

But some misconceptions about the problem were wrong.

An aggressive new law allows people to hunt or trap as many as they can.

So keeping Grey Wolf Population Under Control Goes Political in Idaho;

Hunters & Citizenry being told Wolves eating Cattle and valued Elk.

An aggressive new law allows people to hunt or trap as many as they can.

Actual wolf population increase had not occurred . Killing campaign not needed.

Help—We Are Melting!! And We Can’t Stop It; Time Not Man Causing Natural Climate Change; Cycles Come & Go; So Stop Whole Thing from All The Politics, Do Good-er Activism, & Doom Gloom;

Some say Climate Change is really not such a big problem.

But yet the ice melts & temps go up

Seems that Climate will change regardless of what we do

Size, volume & complexity of its inner and outer workings & systems is beyond what .humans can impact.

Those who say no climate change

Operate on timelines that last thousands of years.

Climate temperature data shows that the Earth is in a cooling cycle;

Actually Earth is in warming cycle in the last 100 years;

What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to get to Net Zero Emissions in Next Ten years. Now How Are We Going to Get it Done?

What is meant by net zero emissions?

Achieving a balance between greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere & those taken out. ..

The state of the atmosphere is also referred to as carbon neutral;

Adopt “Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now”

Need to seize on great opportunity to act on & solve the Climate crisis ASAP.

Technologies could allow the achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

See the Actionable list and get started.

Need for Speed and Scale — See Doerr’s Great Book

Could be bible for attaining net zero emissions.

This Could be Shocking! –New Kind of Global Power Sharing is Working; Not by Country Leaders But Electricity Providers;

Sharing power –electrical and political is becoming a must;

Sharing Worldwide Power may never happen; That is–Political;

But sharing the sourcing & distribution of electrical power may;

Goal is to get the entire network in place by 2050;

Need to send green energy through networks stretching thousands of miles;

The dream faces steep political and technical hurdles.

Sharing is a new world requirement;

This is way it is happening– Country by Country

Power to the peoples of the World;

How Do We Manage Decarbonization Goals? First—Need to Understand What Five Gases Pollute? And Where They Come From; Then How To Capture & Store;

We are realizing that carbon is being pulled out of the air around us.

This is something that never got into Science class at any level.

The Time has Come for Direct Air Capture;

Need to capture carbon dioxide from atmosphere & store underground;

Or use to create & produce other materials such as concrete.

Remember -Atmosphere is 78 % nitrogen, 21 %t oxygen, 0.9 % argon.1 % other gases.

Only Trace amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, & neon in gases in the air we breath;

Six pollutants are the strongest evidence for public health concern

Ready for Fire Storm Globally? UN Report Sounds the Alarm for Increase of Wild Fires; What Needs to Done? Be Ready & More

Are we ready to really manage next wild fire?

Generally speaking — No , we are not-

We seem to be placing too much focus on response ;Not Enough on Preparation..

The case with Global Governments—not ready for Fire Surge; CA Included;

California seeks to learn from hard lessons of past;

Prescribed burning most commonly used tool to fight wild fires;

Forest Management to be foremost in state planning/budgeting;
Need for wild fire evacuation plans for specific communities;

More investment needed in fire risk reduction in local areas.

Not Being Cow-ered by Pies; Getting Natural Gas from Old Bessie’s Deposits; Companies Making Commercial Profits from Manure & Its Gases

A Cow now produces something other than just milk;

Cow manure becomes sale-able products;

Dairy farmers now gain revenue & profit from natural gas;

Natural gas made from waste like cow manure has been commercialized;

Biofuel companies have new source of earnings & product;

Sale of Cow Manure Natural Gas boosts earnings of participating companies;

Leading Company,  Clean Energy Fuels is distributor of natural gas;

Switched to bio fuels from cow poop. -same as from garbage

Make Haste to Make Cities More Composting Conscience; Needs to Be Prioritized by Local City Governments Like Manhattan Beach & LA Cities.

Composting need prioritization.

Haste Needed to Deal with waste.

Composting business helps keep the community clean by composting leaves & recyclable organic materials.

From raw material, compost is created— Then sold to consumers or used on farms or in residential areas.

See the list, Get a container on line or from Waste Management & start producing new soil from waste & food.

The cost for the program is already included in the monthly trash rate as part of core services;;

Cities could use a Champion for Composting and Recycling.

This means leadership & communications

Investors Ho–Four Ways to Leave Your Loved Fossil Fuels; Start By Seeking Balance of Profits vs ESG Parameters; Government & Technology Combo Appears Best to Solve Climate change:

Is it possible?

Make money on the environment? And save it at the same time?

Investors are finding themselves in conflict between making money or making better World;

How do they achieve balance between investor return & concern for ESG?

See Four ways to do so;

New technology is suggested as most effective in achieving balance of conscious & coinage. .

Fossil fuel would be worthless if nuclear, solar, wind, green, batteries, & fusion were cheaper;

Saving the planet is up to the people.

Got to Believe.

Run for A Different Cover; You Can Reduce Use of Plastic Food Covers– Start With Brown Sandwich Bags; Goodbye to Plastic Food Covers This Time

It is in the bag — That little brown paper bag.

But we just can’t seem to change food storage practices.

Just still not able to do cooking & eating without plastic

Must use with fragile fruits covered with & transported in plastic.

Even plastic bags banned at Check Out in most states;

Still believe plastic best way to make Leftover Food Desire-able.

Click to see list of plastic cover alternatives;

You could use a black marker to label the brown bags.

Looking for Some Action? Got a Plan? How Are You Communicating It? Is There A More Effective Way? One That Applies to Climate Change Plan & Things That Need to be Fixed? Listen & Learn

How can I get you to listen to me?

Here are some action-ables for Climate & other Fix-ables.

Notice who the working list seeks to capture effective communication.

Listen and Learn is the corner stone of effective climate change communication.

Next is for you and your team to uniquely contribute to the fight against climate change?

Use framework and lessons learned, the team can then build a climate action plan.

A plan that considers the comprehensive needs to mitigate & adapt.

Should You Stop Panicking About Climate Change? Energy Costs Are Going Up & Up; Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050 is Said to be Impossible; Only Solution is to Make Green Energy Cheaper Than Fossil

Chill Out–Author Seeks to state Climate Control is overstated.

Assumption that climate policy will spread but now seems not to be so.

Says that demand for energy from will rebound after the lockdowns ends.

Climate alarm said to cause nothing but anxiety and bad policies.

Movements & public pressure toward climate control makes energy more costly;

Only politically viable solution is ramping up research & development.

Money on the Waters—Cleaning Up the Ocean; Cost & Capturing Vast Ocean Energy are Constrained; Old Time Soylent Green Movie Depicts The Task & Its Cost

Wave Off–So goes the Ocean.

Technologies for Harvesting Ocean Energy need attention to go mainstream.

But the cost to capture ocean energy is the major constraint.

Wave technology is in its early stages.
Utility scale projects are still years off.

Meantime, we better stay on this problem.
Ride the Waves.

What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to Get to Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Need for Speed & Scale

Getting to Net Zero Emissions is the major objective.

See list of ten areas for action.

Goal is to achieve balance between greenhouse gases put into atmosphere & those taken out.

Referred to as carbon neutral; although zero emissions & zero carbon are slightly different.

Usually means that no emissions were produced in the first place.

2050 is time line.

Making Changes Gets Carbon Credits; Helps Soil Hold Water & Draw More Carbon Dioxide Into Storage Under Ground: Farmers Paid to Reduce Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer.

Objective is to remove Carbon from the Atmosphere & Getting Credits for it.

Climate Model Scenarios to remove billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide.
This accomplishment will be made annually by 2050, while also ramping up emissions reductions.

Use of new ways & technology the biggest challenges of managing climate change.
One way is to storage carbon deep underground.
Changes were needed to help the soil hold additional water & prevent erosion

One change was to use of carbon credits as new product in farming business model.

Microplastics Causing Horrifying Problem in the Ocean & Your Lungs; Raining Plastic Literally Falling from Sky: Bottles, Face Masks, Clothing, Wipes Break Down & Become Blown Particles.

The air you breath is literally full of micro pieces of plastic.
Tons of such micro- plastics are floating over the western United States.

Plastics that are falling from the sky are smaller than 5 millimeters & from many sources.
Plastic bags & bottles thrown into waterways & break down into smaller pieces.

Washing machine are even another source of tiny microfibers.
Falls off washed synthetic clothing; Flushed into wastewater treatment plants.