Run for A Different Cover; You Can Reduce Use of Plastic Food Covers– Start With Brown Sandwich Bags; Goodbye to Plastic Food Covers This Time

It is in the bag — That little brown paper bag.

But we just can’t seem to change food storage practices.

Just still not able to do cooking & eating without plastic

Must use with fragile fruits covered with & transported in plastic.

Even plastic bags banned at Check Out in most states;

Still believe plastic best way to make Leftover Food Desire-able.

Click to see list of plastic cover alternatives;

You could use a black marker to label the brown bags.

Looking for Some Action? Got a Plan? How Are You Communicating It? Is There A More Effective Way? One That Applies to Climate Change Plan & Things That Need to be Fixed? Listen & Learn

How can I get you to listen to me?

Here are some action-ables for Climate & other Fix-ables.

Notice who the working list seeks to capture effective communication.

Listen and Learn is the corner stone of effective climate change communication.

Next is for you and your team to uniquely contribute to the fight against climate change?

Use framework and lessons learned, the team can then build a climate action plan.
A plan that considers the comprehensive needs to mitigate & adapt.

Should You Stop Panicking About Climate Change? Energy Costs Are Going Up & Up; Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050 is Said to be Impossible; Only Solution is to Make Green Energy Cheaper Than Fossil

Chill Out–Author Seeks to state Climate Control is overstated.

Assumption that climate policy will spread but now seems not to be so.

Says that demand for energy from will rebound after the lockdowns ends.

Climate alarm said to cause nothing but anxiety and bad policies.

Movements & public pressure toward climate control makes energy more costly;

Only politically viable solution is ramping up research & development.

Money on the Waters—Cleaning Up the Ocean; Cost & Capturing Vast Ocean Energy are Constrained; Old Time Soylent Green Movie Depicts The Task & Its Cost

Wave Off–So goes the Ocean.

Technologies for Harvesting Ocean Energy need attention to go mainstream.

But the cost to capture ocean energy is the major constraint.

Wave technology is in its early stages.
Utility scale projects are still years off.

Meantime, we better stay on this problem.
Ride the Waves.

What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to Get to Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Need for Speed & Scale

Getting to Net Zero Emissions is the major objective.

See list of ten areas for action.

Goal is to achieve balance between greenhouse gases put into atmosphere & those taken out.

Referred to as carbon neutral; although zero emissions & zero carbon are slightly different.

Usually means that no emissions were produced in the first place.

2050 is time line.

Making Changes Gets Carbon Credits; Helps Soil Hold Water & Draw More Carbon Dioxide Into Storage Under Ground: Farmers Paid to Reduce Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer.

Objective is to remove Carbon from the Atmosphere & Getting Credits for it.

Climate Model Scenarios to remove billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide.
This accomplishment will be made annually by 2050, while also ramping up emissions reductions.

Use of new ways & technology the biggest challenges of managing climate change.
One way is to storage carbon deep underground.
Changes were needed to help the soil hold additional water & prevent erosion

One change was to use of carbon credits as new product in farming business model.

Microplastics Causing Horrifying Problem in the Ocean & Your Lungs; Raining Plastic Literally Falling from Sky: Bottles, Face Masks, Clothing, Wipes Break Down & Become Blown Particles.

The air you breath is literally full of micro pieces of plastic.
Tons of such micro- plastics are floating over the western United States.

Plastics that are falling from the sky are smaller than 5 millimeters & from many sources.
Plastic bags & bottles thrown into waterways & break down into smaller pieces.

Washing machine are even another source of tiny microfibers.
Falls off washed synthetic clothing; Flushed into wastewater treatment plants.

Bottled Up! Expensive Battle for Scarce Supplies of Recycled Plastic is Looming. Companies Seek to Cut Carbon Footprints; Environmental Benefit Could be Cleaner Oceans.

Used plastic bottles best known for clogging the world’s oceans.

Resulted in surprisingly short supply, as consumer brands compete to meet recycling targets.
Spot prices for recycled PET flakes have plastic-bottle waste doubled in Europe.

Plastic bottles have been recycled into carpets and takeaway food cartons
Now clothing brands are also vying for them in fashion industry.

Has not figured out how to recycle plastic based garments such as polyester

Wild Fires Getting Worse: Effective Technology is Emerging from Tech Startups to Fight; Cameras, Video, & Alert Systems Being Integrated in to Fire Fighting Process.

Wildfires are getting worse. Fires grow more severe and more common.
Firefighters are stretched thin.

Fire fighting technology is emerging with 3 companies leading.
Reining in wildfires will take much more than tech solutions
But some startups think there’s a role for AI, ML, drones, and more
This machine learning tool [is] hopefully going to reduce the hours spent fighting a fire
Help them control future fires with planning,
Sonia Kastner founder and CEO of Pano told Emerging Tech Brew. “They were calling for cameras and drones and satellites and AI.

You, Too, Can Compost & Have a Garden; See What University Academic-Entrepreneur Did: How Does Your Garden Grow? Responsibly?

Here is what composter expert, Mike, did and related.

“There is a lot of material that could be composted at home and not sent to the landfill.
BUT people will tell you they do not have the space next to their swimming pool
and they do not have the time to maintain it. It also assumes they have a garden.”

Hauling it away for composting is yet another cost like garbage removal.
I am fortunate that my small burro will suck up our leaves and remove them.
My grass is cut every week and is mulched back into the grass.

Don’t Blow Those Leaves, Rather Compost–Now Composting Business is Big in Agriculture, Home gardening, Landscaping, Horticulture, & Construction

End of Leaf blowers means more composting.
Less leaves and greenery going to literal waste.
Leaf Vacuums will replace blowers as composting becoming serious business.
Composed material is Not just a pile of dirt and leaves rotting in the backyard.

Compost market to 2025 by product type (yard trimming, food waste, manure, mushroom compost, & various composting.
Global compost market is expected to reach an estimated $9.2 billion by 2024.

Leaf Blowers Finally Out of Gas. CA State Law Put Teeth in Banning Enforcement; Now to Compost From Leaf Vacuums; Gardeners, Home Owners Can Lead

Leaf Blowers are finally on their way out.
Took years of opposition and advocacy for ban over next 2 yrs.

Using small, gas-powered equipment like leaf blowers and generators ends up being
Much worse for the environment than driving a car for the same amount of time,

New law was driven by powerful California Air Resources Board (CARB),
Next is composting focus and public education.

Can National Service Heal America? Could Augment & Supplement National Guard; Provide Training, Employment, & Help Build, & Fix Infrastructure.

We need work force trained & ready to make America Work.
Something like the National Guard.
How bout a program for National Service for at least a year or two of young lives?

Gen Stanley McChrystal called on President Biden to invest in national service
That would be one million young Americans annually — Males & Females.

Rebuild civic and social connections by bringing participants together

Cows Have No Manners–Burp & Poop at Will to be #1 Source of Methane in Agriculture, Second Most Prevalent Greenhouse Gas Only to CO2

Cow manure hitting the environmental fan.

#1 source of methane in agriculture comes from livestock burping & manure.

Climate experts won’t be able to limit warming without tackling methane.
Methane is the main component of natural gas.

Can leak into the atmosphere from pipelines or other sources -landfills, erupting volcanoes, & decomposing veggies.

New Satellite Technology Takes on Measuring Climate Change; Computes Total Bio Mass & CO2 Pull from Air. Monitors Reforestation, Farming, & Entire Planet

New satellite technology and development provides tracking & data,
Previous systems tech predates planning for cloud computing & AI-based data analysis.

For eNow satellite technology can measure each tree’s health, size, and species
Can now compute total biomass of trees & ability to pull carbon dioxide out of the air.
Muon Space & others plans to launch a fleet of satellites designed to analyze Earth’s atmosphere, land, & water in detail

Molokai, Island of Hard Knocks– Gets Shocked by Electric Bills; Issue Goes With Other Challenges like Water, Opioids, Food Supply, & Sale of Molokai Ranch

Another Hard Knock for Molokai.

There is a shortage of Electricity on Molokai & it is unaffordable,
Are large electricity deserts throughout Molokai on Hawaiian homestead land
Utility poles do not reach some Hawaiian homestead lands on the Island.
Hawaiian Electric Co .uses its monopoly status to gain max fee revenue,

Molokai is ready to create a new reputation– not the “island of hard knocks”
Rather it’s a community that knows how to successfully steward the environment.
Now seeks a way that supports the economy while preserving the culture.

Burn Baby Burn; Planned & Controlled Burns; California Must Work with Fires, not just Fight Them: Clear, Identify Hazard Zones :Thin Forests; Suppression Not Working;

Fighting forest fires is changing;
It’s time to reverse a century of fire-management policy
Will require sweeping regulatory reforms, and tons of money.

This means reversing a century of US fire suppression policies
Relying on deliberate, prescribed burns therefore controlled.

Clearing out the vegetation that builds up into giant piles of fuel.
Designated areas would be burned over a 30 to 50-year period

Will Another Emerging Clean Tech Investment Bubble Burst? It Has Happened Before. Are we in Midst of a Rebrand of ‘Cleantech’ or Start of Something Else

Here we go again! CleanTech Comeback.
Heady valuations & investor FOMO (fear of missing out) for Cleantech are present again.
Industry has matured, entering a new phase of development
Thus  justifies the latest burst of investor enthusiasm

Funding in the first half of 2021.$16 Billion of funding in 1Q and 2Q 2021;
At least Four Industry Segment Involved:
Energy. Transport, Industry, & Farming

Congressman Accesses Molokai Challenges & Needs During 4 Day Visit. Kaiali’i Kahele, 2nd Congressional District. He Listened & Made a List

Newly elected congressman spends time listening to Molokai citizens
Seeks to learn what the issues, problems & challenges on Molokai

Spent four days on Molokai in August
Listened to learn about deer, water, farming,and need for funding
Talked to farmers, gardeners, and even fishpond restorers.

Black Street Surfaces Matter: What If Black Asphalt Were Changed to White Road Surface Material; Also Using Toll Roads & Embedded Battery Charging Inductions.

Hot Streets Surfaces Get hotter
Black asphalt absorbs heat from Sun: White road surface reflects heat from Sun.
Dark-colored asphalt absorbs between 80 & 95 percent of the sun’s rays.
White road surfaces reflect heat and sun light. Paint & new alternative materials being used.
Example is concrete, or white asphalt, but more expensive choice for road surfaces.
But lasts longer & provides more stable environment for heavier vehicles.
Other alternative materials reduce consumption of natural aggregates/recycles materials
And are being used instead of black asphalt.

Easy Grab & Go Goes On: Your Catalytic Converter May About to Be Stolen Right Outside Your Front Door; Being Sold For Current Value of Precision metals

Is your car’s catalytic converter about to be stolen?
An Easy Grab and Go process can remove the unit within a minute or two.
Thieves can remove a catalytic converter quickly, often in less than two minutes,
Only tools a thief needs are a wrench or a reciprocating saw (for converters.
Recyclers then extract the metal and resell it for as much as $6,000 an ounce,
Crime or converter theft has risen in tandem with sharply rising metal prices.
Thieves sell to metal recyclers for $20-$200. Usually around $70

Current Approach to Preventing & Controlling Forest Fires Not Working; New Plan, Techniques, & Deforestation Needed. Plus Regulatory Reforms & Funding

Burn, Baby, Burn–Never seems to stop,
Forest management is expensive, labor intensive, & still difficult to implement
‘Forest Fires keep burning out of control in California.
Now state must begin to work with fires, not just fight them.
Means reversing a century of suppression policies & practices.
Focus seems to be about reduction of the fuel that burns in the forest fires.
Can only rely more on deliberate, prescribed burns to clear out vegetation & piles of fuel.
New ways, technology, techniques and planning being gradually mobilized

Increasing High Tides to Cause Coastal Flooding in Hawaii & Pacific Coast: Sea Level Rise & Natural Tide Fluctuations To Impact Communities over 10-year period;

The Moon & Climate Change are at work.
Higher tides and more coastal flooding are coming to Hawaii & West Coast
Accelerating number of high-tide flooding days to start in the mid-2030s.
Novel statistical model projects future flooding days for Hawaii & California.
Will figure & reflect changes in tidal range and sea-level projections.
Rapid increases in flooding at high tide expected in coastal areas will occur.
Includes Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coastlines, including Hawaii.
Mid-to late-2030s to be the tipping point from which a regional issue transitions.

How Does Your Weed Garden Grow? Kill Them Off But Not With Roundup; Instead Powerful Cheap Vinegar Based Organic Alternatives Work Great & Are Safe For Pets & People.

Kill them pesky weeds the safe way.
People are NOT using Roundup to kill garden & lawn weeds any more.
Organic weed killers are on the market & homemade version easy to make.
Home made weed killers made from vinegar and other household items being adopted.
Home Made Alternative Weed Killer to Commercial Roundup can be easily made.
See formula for home made Organic weed killers made from Vinegar.
Just as powerful without risk to people and pets. Easy & safe solution,

Climate Change Creating Need for Reef Restoration Technology In Caribbean & Hawaii; Ocean Acidification & Hurricanes Have Damaged & Left Reefs Dead.

Coral reefs are dying in many global oceans.
Project Underway to create reef restoration technology & recolonization.
Project Underway to create reef restoration technology.
Seeking to restore dead reef off the coast of Caribbean nation Antigua & Barbuda
Effects of climate change have led to coral bleaching & dead reefs.