Can You Tread Water? What Stands in Way of People & Companies Really Getting into Climate Change?

It seems apparent that not enough people in positions of power and influence are interested in acting on the criticality of Climate Change.
The legislative bodies at the state & national level just do not regard climate to be a priority in the face of a pandemic and public indifference.
The next big crisis for the U.S. & the Globe may be the collapse of the eco-system and our inability to do anything about it. Can we tread water?

Seizing the Moment to Take On Three Crises at Once – Flatten Curves of COVID19, Climate, & Now Racism

Can we do it? Can the World with leadership from the U.S. and Europe activate, mobilize and focus the resources needed to solve climate change, stifle COVID 19 and any future pandemics, and deal with the inequities of race and economies? We have no choice but to “Seize the Moment?

How The Virus Will Affect Climate

The Coronavirus pandemic has and is going to impact the Climate as in Weather as well as the governmental, cultural, and economic “climate”.
The advent of this virus on a a global scale added to the changes in the climate that were already in motion is going produce a whole new ways and means for the entire planet.