Get Off My Lanai; Or Front Porch for Larry Ellison; Bot the Island & Now Taking Over All Services; Locals Leaving; Closing Businesses; Upscaling What Was Once Pineapple Fields;

Ellison is calling shots on Lanai.

One by one he has taken over local vendors;

Gradually Getting Rid of Businesses & Re-Building the Island;

Ellison is every body’s boss & landlord –so no alternatives;

He gives little explanation for actions;

No good way to stay on Ellison’s good side;

Results in locals leaving & Leaving Larry in charge;

Ellison has spent $90B to improve the Island;

$300 M purchase came with 98% of Lanai’s 90,000 acres,
Plus two Four Seasons resorts

Hoe This Row, Moe -Now Precision Agriculture—The Application of Information Technology; Provides Data for Ag Farming Decisions; Ultimately Manages Crop Production in Corporate Farming;

Farmers with degrees in technology:

That’s what is going on in farm management.

Management decisions being made using high technology sensor & analysis tools.

Precision Agriculture is new concept adopted throughout the world

Ensures effective management of fertilizers & irrigation processes.

Precision Ag relies on monitoring crop status by observing & measuring variables;

Utilization of remote sensing (RS) systems such as hyper-spectral imaging.

Farming has changed forever;

It’s a Matter of Timing; Union Fever Going Epidemic; Union Movement is Now; Young Tech Workers Seeking Capitalize on Comp & Benefit Demands;

Young workers at 3 principal sources of are good to go union;

Meantime older established unions & members seem cool & jaded;

Young people are enthusiastic about unions;

New Union movement is being driven by young workers;

Older Unions do not seem to recognize drive by younger workers;

Meantime, Apple, Amazon, & Starbuck are going Union;

Seeks that ownership of the enterprise is not an option;

The union way may be the future of commerce & distribution;

Turkish Drone Maker To Change Warfare; Industry Growth Tenfold in 10 Years; Drones Now a Diplomatic Tool for Turkey Rise;

Drone warfare is or has or is about to be BIG;

Turkish drone manufacturer is dominating market;

Expect to see more drones in Ukraine and other conflicts;

Bayraktar, Turkish engineer invented innovative drone for warfare;

Turkish have invented & marketing drone—Bayraktar TB2;

Delivers laser guided bombs;

Selling them to all countries in Europe, presumably Russia also;

Means we will see more Turkey drones even in Ukraine;

Drones have got to be effective in warfare compared to planes & bombs;

Patient, Heal Thyself–Wearable Technology Transforming Heath Care; Patients Use to Care for Themselves More; Time to Prepare; Payoff in Money & Well Being Are There;

Wearable technology is about to cause revolution in patient care;

Known as “Quantify Yourself” process;

Need & way to diagnose & treat people As Individuals;

Should Enable People to Provide Care for Themselves;

Will shape a forthcoming revolution in health care;

3 ways–Early diagnosis, personalized treatment & chronic disease management;

Data from wearable devices are changing disease surveillance & medical research;

Get Your Head Set On Straight; Multisensory Enhancements on Metaverse Enable Users to Do Things With Sets as Avatars; Even Do Work & Buy Stuff;

Metaverse seems to be here?

But where & how exactly is it?

Like what becomes of Facebook?

Already experience enhanced forms of VR on the Metaverse;

Such as existing internet-based games incorporate a type of VR;

Virtual reality (VR) headsets enable users to do things;

Such as work, meet with friends, shop, & play games as digital avatars.

Hope to connect people everywhere;

Many corporations intend to be at forefront of pioneering leap into Metaverse;

Metaverse could be where much of our globalized economy ends up existing;

Still not sure if a lot of people still do NOT know what is going on with Metaverse

Stunned, Tasered, Or Bullet-ed?–Must Police Shoot to Kill When Confronted? Could Use Stun Gun or Taser Instead of Bullets Impede Suspect? Appears Police Are Using Real Guns in Right Situations.

Stunning experience or was it a Taser?

Both are being used by city police departments

U.S. police departments overwhelmingly rely on Tasers

94% of police agencies now using this type of stun gun,

Not all officers carry them in departments that own them

Tasers are commonly used by police around the nation as a “non-lethal” weapon to stop confrontation.

Some people think stun guns and Tasers are one and the same.
But really different weapons.

To be used in two very different kinds of situations.

Main difference is the proximity at which they work.

Well, I’ll Be Droned—Deliveries to Your Door by Drone Are Coming : Drones May Be Future of Logistics; UPS With No Driver & No Truck;

We are droned if we do —

Or droned even if we don’t (ask);

The Future of Drones & use of drone technology & drones for delivery is inevitable.

Multiple industries will leverage drone technology to bring innovation to their business areas;

Includes Surveillance, research, and last-mile delivery,

E-commerce giants have been in research, development, & filing patents in drone technology ;

The core focus is to continue to be invested in this space;

Stay focused on bringing down cost of operations;

Own drone rather than car?

Watch Out!! Fixing Potholes Has Been Problem Forever; Testing Technology Designed by Local College Graduates Takes On Potholes in a High-tech Way.

Every street has potholes –or will have.

City & state leaders need technology to help manage repairs & replacement;

Being able to determine how they want to use technology is a huge help & tool for government;.

Real-time monitoring to help cities save resources & prevent headaches;

A System,, was founded by a group of Worcester Polytech graduates.

Uses sensing technology to evaluate roads for infrastructure issues. detects, analyzes, & measures potholes& cracks,

Plus other pavement deficiencies that cause roadways to be in poor condition.

Potholes may now become a more manageable repair process & expense.

Pothole Technology is now apart of a Solution for street management.

This Could be Shocking! –New Kind of Global Power Sharing is Working; Not by Country Leaders But Electricity Providers;

Sharing power –electrical and political is becoming a must;

Sharing Worldwide Power may never happen; That is–Political;

But sharing the sourcing & distribution of electrical power may;

Goal is to get the entire network in place by 2050;

Need to send green energy through networks stretching thousands of miles;

The dream faces steep political and technical hurdles.

Sharing is a new world requirement;

This is way it is happening– Country by Country

Power to the peoples of the World;

Is That Robot Doing Your Job? People Fear Robots Will Take Their Job, But Don’t Worry–Robots Aren’t that Smart Yet; So Retrain Workers & Yourself;

The Robots aren”t just coming — they are here;

Initial reaction of work force is to resist and rebel;

However fear of Robot induced unemployment is overblown.

Disruptive but work force & management are gradually adjusting;

Gains from Robot Revolution are huge per experts’

Companies must realize value of job retraining, & learning;

In the end, Robots will make life & logistics better;

Robotics is now school science,

Ready for Fire Storm Globally? UN Report Sounds the Alarm for Increase of Wild Fires; What Needs to Done? Be Ready & More

Are we ready to really manage next wild fire?

Generally speaking — No , we are not-

We seem to be placing too much focus on response ;Not Enough on Preparation..

The case with Global Governments—not ready for Fire Surge; CA Included;

California seeks to learn from hard lessons of past;

Prescribed burning most commonly used tool to fight wild fires;

Forest Management to be foremost in state planning/budgeting;
Need for wild fire evacuation plans for specific communities;

More investment needed in fire risk reduction in local areas.

Go For It. Old Way of Job Interviewing is Dead: See New Rare Breed Rules for Getting Job You Really Want; Stand Out: Shake People Up;

You can’t ask me that– Oh Yeah– I just did.

New direct method of job interviewing is going on.

Six old rules or rail road track questions are being dropped;

See New Rare Bird Questions or Steps to getting the job you want

Break the rules and crush that interview for your dream gig;

Be the bold, brave, unapologetic original that you are.

You are as good as you think you are;

Maybe Jon Stewart could learn from these Qs?

YES —Held to Account; Bank Acting Like an ESOP; Bank Employees Get Stock; Bank of America Does What Amazon & Meteverse Should Do;

Do employees who own stock or gain earn stock awards stay with bank or company

There seems to be a gradual evolution of stock awards to employees

Most recent has been the BofA awards of stock to star performers in the bank

May well be that companies will be awarding stock or offering Options in future;

Eligible employees with annual total compensation up to $500,000 will receive restricted stock units;

BofA ran a full page ad in LAT making the announcement;

This looks like the Solution to bringing employees into ownership mentality

And common objectives with the company;

EEKs! –No Pilot & It Looks like an Air Bubble Car Surrounded by Small Rotors; eVTOL Sky Taxis are in a Race; Seeking Certification; Regulators are Optimistic

OMG!!! Where is the pilot?

This can’t be done but it is — No pilots in the plane.

Several companies seeking to gain certification from European Regulators.

Need to prove the air worthiness of the helicopter-like flight performance;

20,000 trial flights have been accomplished.

Meantime, Two Hundred air taxi projects are going on Worldwide.

Develop a cheaper, greener, simpler, quieter than combustion engines;

Regulatory projects involve multiple agencies, companies, & aviation

Safety standards are being established & finalized;

Looks like the project of no pilot air taxi is going to work.

Refigure—Reshuffle—Re-Think What You Do & How You Work; Don’t Quit; Fill a Need; You Can Make the Job You Accepted the Job You Wanted

Great Reshuffle is a New Dance of Career Professionals;

Now finding new jobs that better fit their lifestyle.

Workers – globally, aren’t just leaving the workforce;

Millions of people are reconfiguring their careers.

Nothing wrong with mixing things up and trying something new.
But Before you change your source of income & career path;

Consider what you can do to make things work where you are.

Find a need and fill it; Every group of humans needs fresh eyes and fixing hands.

What is your vision of your reshuffled job function & objective?

You have the job you created over time.

Now If We Can Just Fix Work; Need to Focus More on Making the Work Place Where Things Get Fixed; Now growing Gap in Workers Do & How Paid.

Here is what seems to be most pressing issues in Work place—

Generally. A growing gap between worker productivity & compensation

Then–Work providers continue to ignore systemic racism, pervasive sexism, & lack of empowerment of women.

Awareness of declining worker power is influencing labor market outcomes.

People are quitting & Going to new jobs & work conditions.

General acceptance of persistent under representation of women & workers of color in low quality work.

See and act on FOUR steps in Work management.

Drill down into the posting to see the depth of the actions needed.

Cheap Drones Enabled Iran & Arabs To Use in Warfare Arsenal; Million Dollar Cost of U.S. Drones Constrains Use by Military; Interception of Swarms of Cheap Drones;

Iran shops for “Costco Priced” drones.

Cheap drones give Iran flight advantage in combat.

Iran is still using cheap drones against U.S. & Saudi Arabia.

U.S. using microwaves & lasers powered by electricity to counter attacking drones.
Firing microwaves at drones to fry their electronics is tactic.

Seems that using cheaper technology & design of drones would put U.S. Drones on equal footing.

Can We Trust AI? Trust That is Now Net Positive?; AI is Helping to ID Trends & Response Actions; Spots Trends, Problems, & Changes But Cost Is of Concern; Multiple Mergers Going On;

Are we to trust AI Programming?

The complexity of AI makes it challenging to trust.

As example, Banking now is big spender in AI processes we must trust;

Rising E Commerce Activity is driving AI Development everywhere.

130 AI Mergers & Acquisitions in 2021 valued at $ 28 B

Europe is fast developer.

See World AI Conference Agenda last July.

Park Those Police Cars; Get Police Out of Cars & On the Street With Public Safety Teams.; Carrying a Taser Not a Gun: Walking Streets & Riding E-Bikes on Beats

What do you suppose would happen if City Police did not carry guns?

Tasers would be used if force became apparent to subdue suspects.

Instead, the police operating as a Public Safety team used alternative weaponry.

See extensive list of alternatives and cities that are or may be using tasers & guns

Ya-Even a bean bag might restrain the Perp

Bad Customer Service Is Still Big Problem: Need to Reinvent Call Centers: In Future Artificial Intelligence Seems to be Solution.

Is AI the answer?

There seems to be nothing quite as frustrating at trying get some one in Customer Service on the phone or email.

Then to get a resolution or solution to your problem with the provider

S0 there is a blatant need to redo the whole customer service infrastructure, process, and support

No More Standing in Long Lines; Biometric Screening Adopted by Travel Moves to Retail Stores; Avoids Waiting in Long Lines at Airports & Where Lines Form.

Look me in the eye and will let you pass by.

No more waiting in long lines for service & care.

Biometrics scanners are hardware used to capture the biometrics for verification of identity

Screening product for air travel now is new applications in retailing & store management .

Can be used to identify individuals in all situations.

Is the Cost to Develop an Ingenious Algorithm Worth It? So you can go fishing? Or How much is that Algorithm Doggie in the Measurement Window?

It Ain’t Easy to develop or create an algorithm to solve a problem–
It take a lot to program an algorithm & it uses a lot of energy.

Researchers & scientists are using algorithms to mitigate their carbon footprint.

Harder questions asked about the convenience vs.the worth of the planetary cost.

Part of need to understand the impact of this carbon foot print on the Environment.

Can National Service Heal America? Could Augment & Supplement National Guard; Provide Training, Employment, & Help Build, & Fix Infrastructure.

We need work force trained & ready to make America Work.
Something like the National Guard.
How bout a program for National Service for at least a year or two of young lives?

Gen Stanley McChrystal called on President Biden to invest in national service
That would be one million young Americans annually — Males & Females.

Rebuild civic and social connections by bringing participants together

Recycling of EV Batteries to be Big for Ford, Automakers, & Redwood. Industry Stops Throwing Away Spent EV Batteries. Sees Sustainable Future in Recycling.

Battery recycling—with EV adoption set to surge in the coming years.

Ford invested $50 million in Redwood Materials, an EV battery recycling firm.
Battery recycling is key to building a sustainable all-electric future
Supply of necessary metals is finite.

Presently cheaper to make batteries from newly mined materials than recycled ones.

Experts expect the economics to change as lead batteries are phased out,