Are You Obsolete? Pandemic or not, Need for Massive Re-skilling & Retraining of Workers, Even those in Tech; Absence of Auto Skilled is Crisis in the Making .

As the auto industry transitions to EVs and Self Driving, new worker skills are going to be needed.
Auto is immersed in a digital revolution.
Need for companies & dealers to transform their operations with retrained employees.
Must retrain or hire newly qualified employees in technology & automation.
Re-skilling required for jobs that face high automation potential.

United Spending $1Billion for Electric Air Taxis as Seeks to Reduce Carbon Foot Print by 2050 & Build Back Travel Volume Post COVID

How you get to a metro airport in the next 5 years is probably not going to be in your car. How do you get to the Airport in Next 3 years? Take an Air Taxi from remote lot.
Major airlines like United are planning to buy flying taxis to shuttle people off airport & to plane.
The means the cost of environmental travel to weigh heavily on consumers and the eco conscious.
Passengers will park off airport & E-air taxi to terminal and their jet fueled flight, even to & from suburban areas. .

No More Waiting for Those Appraiser Photos of Car Accidents. Phone App Immediately Sends Claim & Photo of Accident Scene to Insurance Company

Car Insurers can now use AI, Machine Learning, & computer vision technology.
Vehicle Accident Claims Management is changing.
Major vehicle insurance companies processing claims on Apps immediately..
USAA is example using Alphabet of major underwriter adoption.
Probably means a new & different role for human vehicle appraisers.

Remote Work Increasing Due to COVID 19; Transforming City, Prices & People; Some offices Not Needed; Untethered Work Force & Management Adapting;

The impact of COVID 19 is transforming how we get work done.
Major shift from centralized home office to remote work going on;
Going to the main corporate office becoming thing of the past;
Teleworkers setting up telecommuting process & liking it.
Some new telecommuters may even leave the city altogether;
Teleworking setups mean fewer grueling commutes & time saving;
Telework is now accepted & trusted as part of work culture & society fabric

Telematics Based Insurance Using Driving Data & Driver Behavior in Connected Cars to Predict Accident Risk & Claim Frequency; Offer Cheaper Policy Rates;

The way that vehicle insurance rates are determined & quoted is changing. Have changed?
Policy holders are allowing underwriters to track, measure, & store their driving behavior & vehicle usage.
So User Based Vehicle Insurance is growing market in risk management.
Driving data from connected cars providing actual mileage use & behavior.
This data from new financial technology is enabling insurance companies to offer lower underwriting rates.
Your driving is being watched and recorded so put away your cell phone. Watch the road.

Finding the Right Fit; A Tough Test to Hire Your Best Candidates. Here Are Some Fresh Guidelines on How To Find Great People for Your Great Company

Finding, hiring, leading, and developing people is one the leading challenges of entrepreneurs and company founders.
The skill is not only to attract but determine in a short period of time if the individual sitting in front of you is the right fit.
Many startups and high-growth companies do not have a planned, structured and methodical process for evaluating prospective talent .
Some do not even have clear objectives other than “we need bodies; get them in here and hurry.
So it critical to the success of an enterprise to have a way, means, and systems of bringing the people & their skills on board.
Here are some solid guidelines from a very successful founder-entrepreneur and university business instructor, Mike Pochan. Carnegie Mellon’s Finest.

Car Collisions Produce Used Car Parts & Exports; Copart Sells Totaled Cars Online; Builds Crashed Car E-commerce & Salvaging Profits

It took vision & business acumen to see how junkyard cars were sale-able.
Willis Johnson saw a need & filled it with an e-commerce platform that made him a Billionaire.
The sale of the damaged vehicle is done entirely online by Copart. COVID has peaked revenue,
Further, some totaled vehicles become drive-able & repairable when sold overseas or other countries.
Copart did $2B in sales in 2020 from 234 lots and their stock jumped 150%,

Sorry, Your Genes Control Sequencing, Not You–But Knowing Your Genome Can Make Your Future Care Precise & Targeted Just for You Alone.

Collaborative Research involving the combined resource of a large medical firm & a university is focused on a Genetic medicine project
that is seeks to deliver care based on genomic medicine. This emerging field is called Genetic or precision medicine.
UCLA Medical & Regeneron have set up a exome genetic sequencing reach agreement.
Will focus on sequencing a collection of blood & tissue samples as part of genotyping effort.
Regeneron has developed World’s largest genetic database so is leading the field; UCLA has its own leadership position in medical technology..

You are Very Successful; You Are a Board Member? And Still Nobody Really Listens to Your Advice. Whadayado?

Even if you are a successful investor & innovator, other management people may not really listen to your advice and experience.
Getting people listen to you can often be challenging.
So what about the counsel in this book for directors on corporate boards?
How is being on a company management team like being on a Corporate Board?
Getting attention, inclusion, & credibility applies to company boards, management meetings, committees, & even consultants.
Rarely is the role of directors & even consultants spelled out by companies.

Data Grab: GM Selling Insurance Based on Vehicle-Driver Data

GM Onstar is getting into vehicle insurance underwriting.
GM knows from years of previous under writing that big challenge is to know the driver habits of the policy holder.
So is leveraging data generated by cars to re-establish its auto-insurance business.
This will provide rating data for car-insurance based remote tracking of drivers’ behavior.
So can set rates based on data that other competitors do not have.
GM or Onstar then uses this driver behavior data to set lower insurance rates.

California “Baggage” Isn’t Carried by Entrepreneur on One Way Texas Trip

No longer– California Here I Come. Rather many long time residents of the State of California & their companies are moving out of state.
VC and mid sized companies are moving to places considered to not have California constraints.
Texas deemed to provide new & better opportunities without the problems & “baggage” California seems to have.
An Op Ed in the WSJ prompts this digestion & discussion of California issues that is worthy of action by the state government.

Biden Still Wary of Silicon Valley Big Tech

Get Biden Techy. Now there is an opportunity for a Biden presidency to integrate Silicon Valley technology into administration..
Seems to be a need to examine & position anti-trust, social media, digital divide, & big tech’s size.
Domestic surveillance & misinformation are major concerns of Big tech leadership & the Biden team.

Hacked Again & Have Only Half Cyber Cops Needed

Cyber threats & attacks have alarmed system & corporate management nationally.
Major cybersecurity hubs are & have been set up to deal wth cyberthreats.
More Leadership & investment needed to protect against unauthorized access to data centers & systems.
Obstacles that are slowing action– regulations, budget growth & corporate boards.
Business & security leaders being urgently challenged to change approach.
Cybersecurity and risk aversion have become a major business decision for Corporate America

Remote Work, AI Robots, & VR to Rule

An AI Robot might be able to do your job but you can be in control.
The Work Robot will still be controlled by skilled humanoids who trained the learned robots.
Combined impact of COVID 19, Robotics, knowledge workers at home, & telepresence to change how work is done,
Telepresence will enable service sectors jobs to be transitioned to trained AI Robots using new technology

Smart Cities Mobilizing Vehicle Road Dynamics Insight to Gain Real Time View of Traffic Planning & Road Maintenance; AV’s May Reduce Volume, Increase Flow.

We have got to know the surface conditions and traffic volume on city streets.
There is an obvious if not overwhelming need to monitor street & road condition and maintenance needs
Ultimately, good road surface can increase traffic flow in cities.
Road evaluation & Process can provide technology & process now available.
Surface DNA from Tactile Mobility looks for characteristics of a road or street.
Such as roadway grades, banking, curvature, & mapping of hazards (potholes)
From this data and analysis cities can begin to solve the present traffic congestion & loss of productivity

Fuels of Color: Green Hydrogen Seeks to be Primary Industrial Fuel Source; Challenged to Show Fuel From Water & Renewable Energy as Carbon Clean.

What Color is Your Hydrogen Fuel?
Green hydrogen advocates say is a clean strategic fuel for everyone.
Produced from zero-carbon energy resources.
Just as fuels from solar, wind, hydro power, biomass, biogas or municipal waste.
Not all are believers. Some challenge Hydro Power is worse than fossil fuel because of water storage.
Vast majority of industrial hydrogen is currently produced from natural gas.
Producing hydrogen also referred to as brown or grey or even blue hydrogen.

New LA Firefighter Robot Gaining Traction by Entering Burning Buildings & the Halls of Civic Government; Goes Where Humans Can’t to Deliver Water & Foam.

Fighting building fires is dangerous for fire fighters, Need ability to fight fire from inside out.
To do this fire fighters need all the tools, resources, technology, and equipment possible.
Entering burning building is very dangerous & threatens lives of fire fighters daily.
A Solution in the making– Robotic Systems developed an inferno buster for Urban Search & Rescue Division.
Mini robot can deliver a powerful flow of water and foam from inside burning building .
and prevent possible injury to fire fighters & damage from hazardous materials

Car Deaths in the Dark: ESS Proposing New Technology in Vehicle Hazard Lighting to NHTSA & Auto Makers; Signals Automatic Warning of Night Time Crash Ahead.

A stalled vehicle on the highway in the dark and its raining. Could mean danger & a deadly crash. It has.
Need for new technology to prevent deaths & injuries from night time crashes.
Company has come up with System that automatically signals a crash ahead.
ESS has sent lighting proposal to NHTSA & Auto Makers to use high intensity hazard lamps in vehicles.
NHTSA reviewing & evaluating request to add more enhanced hazard lighting system.

Your New Boss Just Got Hired; His Name is Mr. App & Lives in a Black Box. Thinks Transparency is Bad Idea. Algorithms Going to Run the Place? Watch yourself?

Apps seek to take over the process, procedures, & monitoring of driver deliveries.
An app can control where and when delivers are made.
Apps are telling delivery people to go against traffic to deliver on time.|
Such algorithmic management is being pioneered by Uber.
Seeks to efficiently manage its distributed driver workforce.
However, vigorous driver protests against a new “black-box algorithm” pay structure & delivery process are being made.

Substitute Food Startup Not Chicken About Eating Up Capital & New Plant Based System Macro-nutrient Base of Hi Protein, Low Carb & Fat;

Chickens are about to be pardoned. The Colonel should take note.
Plant based foods are out to replace chicken in people’s diet by capturing the flavor & taste of chicken without the chicken.
Products that taste like real chicken are sold at Sprouts, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, & Fresh Thyme.
Daring Foods raised $8M to fund the importing of a plant based protein a manufactured in Europe.
Objective is to substitute plant based food for chickens.

At Last –An AI & Machine Learning System to Give Drivers, Fleet Managers, & Repair Facilities Complete Feedback on Vehicle Condition.

New system could make fleet managers job a lot easier. Massive data now available.
AI & ML System fills need for continuous data transfer between vehicles & the cloud.
Meets challenge of predicting & anticipating automotive part failures.
Machine learning manages, analyzes, & utilizes vehicle data.System powers applications such as predictive maintenance, driver personalization.
System seeks to provide complete vehicle management system.Monitors driving behavior & tracks vehicle condition.

It’s a National Emergency!: U.S. Seeks to Break China Dominance of Production of Rare Earth Metals Essential to EVs, Cell Phones, & Wind Tunnels

U.S. Declares a National Emergency about China’s dominance of the Rare Earth minerals mining & production.
China controls & dominates rare earth metal market & production.
Has stranglehold on the mining of minerals essential to modern technology
including batteries in EVs, cell phones, and wind tunnels.
Will Take years for U.S. & World to catch up. Some say “Wait a Minute”

Software Giant Oracle May Have Fallen Asleep; Gets Wake Up Call; Tiktok & White House Smooze Provide Reset Op to Take on Amazon AWS & More Cloud

An oracle has been defined as message given in earnest, typically one that is ambiguous or obscure.
Larry Ellison’s influence & market share in database management is now in doubt & indefinite.
The possibility of Tiktok for Oracle cloud may wake up Ellison & Silicon Valley.
Oracle has fallen behind, now seeks to reinvent and rebrand.
Triggers a rise of specialized digital repositories on Open Source software.

Report Sez Only Half of Companies Are Using Agile Planning; Process & Application Challenge Compounded by COVID & Disrupted Business Planning

It’s a sprint. Agile planning is a series of business planning sprints.
Essentially a project planning method that estimates work using self-contained work units.
Units are called iterations or sprints for periods of 1-3 weeks;
Team focuses on a small set of work items and aim to complete them.
Agile planning defines which items are done in each sprint such as COVID disruption of business practices.
Could provide time and resource to be agile, if not a a requirement.

Have the U.S. Tech Companies Let America Down? Where’s the Innovation & Global Leadership? Dropped the ball? Techs Seem to Focus on Making Money, Audience Size, & Not the Future .

U.S. Tech Companies are allowing China is gain Tech advantage.
Eric Schmidt, former Google leader, says we, the U.S. or they “dropped” the ball.
Companies have not funded basic research & are focused on their size, market, and regulation.
U.S. must allocate and provide more funding for more technology.
Allow international talent with high skills into the country.
Stop blocking Chinese tech companies