It’s a Matter of Timing; Union Fever Going Epidemic; Union Movement is Now; Young Tech Workers Seeking Capitalize on Comp & Benefit Demands;

Young workers at 3 principal sources of are good to go union;

Meantime older established unions & members seem cool & jaded;

Young people are enthusiastic about unions;

New Union movement is being driven by young workers;

Older Unions do not seem to recognize drive by younger workers;

Meantime, Apple, Amazon, & Starbuck are going Union;

Seeks that ownership of the enterprise is not an option;

The union way may be the future of commerce & distribution;

Is That Robot Doing Your Job? People Fear Robots Will Take Their Job, But Don’t Worry–Robots Aren’t that Smart Yet; So Retrain Workers & Yourself;

The Robots aren”t just coming — they are here;

Initial reaction of work force is to resist and rebel;

However fear of Robot induced unemployment is overblown.

Disruptive but work force & management are gradually adjusting;

Gains from Robot Revolution are huge per experts’

Companies must realize value of job retraining, & learning;

In the end, Robots will make life & logistics better;

Robotics is now school science,

Go For It. Old Way of Job Interviewing is Dead: See New Rare Breed Rules for Getting Job You Really Want; Stand Out: Shake People Up;

You can’t ask me that– Oh Yeah– I just did.

New direct method of job interviewing is going on.

Six old rules or rail road track questions are being dropped;

See New Rare Bird Questions or Steps to getting the job you want

Break the rules and crush that interview for your dream gig;

Be the bold, brave, unapologetic original that you are.

You are as good as you think you are;

Maybe Jon Stewart could learn from these Qs?

Now If We Can Just Fix Work; Need to Focus More on Making the Work Place Where Things Get Fixed; Now growing Gap in Workers Do & How Paid.

Here is what seems to be most pressing issues in Work place—

Generally. A growing gap between worker productivity & compensation

Then–Work providers continue to ignore systemic racism, pervasive sexism, & lack of empowerment of women.

Awareness of declining worker power is influencing labor market outcomes.

People are quitting & Going to new jobs & work conditions.

General acceptance of persistent under representation of women & workers of color in low quality work.

See and act on FOUR steps in Work management.

Drill down into the posting to see the depth of the actions needed.

Can National Service Heal America? Could Augment & Supplement National Guard; Provide Training, Employment, & Help Build, & Fix Infrastructure.

We need work force trained & ready to make America Work.
Something like the National Guard.
How bout a program for National Service for at least a year or two of young lives?

Gen Stanley McChrystal called on President Biden to invest in national service
That would be one million young Americans annually — Males & Females.

Rebuild civic and social connections by bringing participants together

AI, Drones, & Machine Learning Making 4 Day Work Week Possible. Changing the Nature of Work & Jobs; Impact on Economy & Worker Function in Question.

How do you like the idea of working just 4 days a week?

Employees clock eight fewer hours over four days for no less pay in pilot study

Kickstarter company embraces remote work during initial stage of the pandemic

Crowdfunding company allowed employees to clock 8 fewer hours over 4 days for no less pay,

Cities Developing One Public Safety Organization as Whole New Way to Combine Police, Fire, Crime Prevention, Emergency, & All City Services

Cities creating Public Safety Departments to combine all City Services.
Communities need & want protection, prevention, public safety, & policing.
There are efforts in some states & cities to defund & reduce police departments.
Meantime several cities have created combined public safety departments as solution.
Consolidating police, fire, & emergency medical services into one department–Not defunding Police. 
Getting to the root of law and order by going after the cause of crime & rioting.

Turns Out We Are Not Getting More Done By Working All The Time. Here are 6 Habits or Practices That We Should Adopt Now; Daily Shots of Mental Focus.

The way we work and where has changed.
Pandemic has forced us in doors and in front of Keyboards.
The tendency has been to just keep working most of the time.
People have found it hard to focus on tasks & be productive during Pandemic.
What to do with, how, & when sometimes was & is disruptive & unproductive.
As people go back to the office & working at home, this is new approach to work.
Perhaps, there is a major change in way we work at home & how we now spend our time.
See Six ways to quickly adapt to the forthcoming Post Pandemic Period.

Dealer Creates In-house Tech School Training Department as Pipeline for New Technicians & Teachers; Prep to Service Hi Tech Vehicles

Innovative Dealer Trains it own Technicians. Made them teachers.
Sought to solve dealership’s continued recruiting and turn over challenges.
Solved the problem by making Techs in-house  teachers.
Program Increased the certification levels of techs in the dealership.
Core idea allows techs to teach helps bring new technicians into the business.
Built its own pipeline of highly trained technicians.

Are You Obsolete? Pandemic or not, Need for Massive Re-skilling & Retraining of Workers, Even those in Tech; Absence of Auto Skilled is Crisis in the Making .

As the auto industry transitions to EVs and Self Driving, new worker skills are going to be needed.
Auto is immersed in a digital revolution.
Need for companies & dealers to transform their operations with retrained employees.
Must retrain or hire newly qualified employees in technology & automation.
Re-skilling required for jobs that face high automation potential.

Remote Work Increasing Due to COVID 19; Transforming City, Prices & People; Some offices Not Needed; Untethered Work Force & Management Adapting;

The impact of COVID 19 is transforming how we get work done.
Major shift from centralized home office to remote work going on;
Going to the main corporate office becoming thing of the past;
Teleworkers setting up telecommuting process & liking it.
Some new telecommuters may even leave the city altogether;
Teleworking setups mean fewer grueling commutes & time saving;
Telework is now accepted & trusted as part of work culture & society fabric

OPERATION RETRAIN AUTOMOTIVE: Can a National Program be Mobilized to Retrain the Automotive Industry Work Force during the COVID19 Pandemic?

Out of a Job – Ouch!
Are automotive industry workers going to find themselves untrained for new vehicle technology?
Need industry training of today’s workforce for the changes in vehicle repair & service?
Appears there is an emerging problem for skilled (and unskilled) automotive industry workers becoming not qualified to do their jobs Time for more tech training. COVID19 or not.

Wake Up, America. Pandemic or not: Need for Massive Reskilling & Retraining of Workers, Even those in Tech; Auto Could be Crisis in the Making .

How Prepared are we ? Every job is changing.
Is Corporate America and the Government investing to make sure Workers are re-skilled and retrained to meet changes brought on by technology? Need for companies to transform their operations with retrained employees.
The choice is to either retrain existing employees or hire new qualified employees in technology & automation. Which is best for the financial and strategic survival of companies & their people?