Hey Bro—Time to Man Up –Men Cause Abortions & Pregnancies; Take Responsibility for What You Did; Men Probably Know But Are No Consequences;

How can our society cause males to be responsible for pregnancies?

Most unintended pregnancies result from not using contraception;

Need to set up new system where men have to share burdens of unwanted pregnancies;

They don’t ask, and don’t think to ask, if they’ve making babies at all.

Why? Because there are zero consequences for men who cause unwanted pregnancies;

Never think of their sex drive with impregnation –just gratification,

Being Kind May Be a Personality Trait; Maybe an Heroic Action; Or Could be Perceived as Weakness or Intrusion; Challenge for Strangers; Offer a Seat or Help;

Giving someone a helping hand with out being asked or thanked

Not always well received or understood.

Random acts of kindness could be a guide to life.

People tend to be cautious about offering to do something kind for a stranger.

Kindness assessed by asking people how often they carry out a list of kind acts.

Offering a seat on the bus to a woman sometimes manifests fear of embarrassment or rejection

In the US, the use of social media was more often given as a barrier to kindness.

Biggest factor associated with kindness wasn’t age or income, but personality;

Another finding which might shed light on our reticence to act;

Lost in the Males; Women Could End This Chaos; We Need Women to End Wars. Males Have Made a Mess of World Management, Mother Knows Best,;

Give Peace and Women a Chance,

Men have made war and death for centuries so about time.

Women are disproportionately affected by violence in the World,

Yet excluded from negotiations around conflict prevention & resolution.

Women’s bodies have become battlefields and collateral,

While men alone strategize on tactics & post-conflict reconstruction.

Covid-19, climate change & food insecurity increased risks to women & girls..

Nonetheless, women continue to be side-lined in peace efforts.

Peace agreements are reached faster, last longer when women involved.

Yet still, women are rarely included.in peace process,

When they are participation is representational rather than substantive.

Not Enough Women Are Being Backed By Investors: Female Entrepreneurs Need Access to Capital. Conference Panel Focuses on How to Get Money & Resources

Small business needs more investment, particularly women owned companies.

Panel at National Small Business Week Virtual Summit Highlights featured Women & Capital
Session on “Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs”

Pandemic created circumstances that have disproportionately impacted women-owned businesses & women entrepreneurs

A Post Pandemic Move: Get a Bag for Toting Your Stuff; Designer Creates All Kinds of Bags To Make You Fashionable & Well Organized; People Notice What You Are Carry

You are what you carry.
How you carry yourself & your need-ables tells all who you are.
Thats a tote bag that is you — And can carry around all your items & stuff–
A bag that makes people look.
 Entrepreneur Designer comes up with tote & hand bags that fill a need & look great.
Every bag is hand made & one of a kind.  You are what you carry.
These totes will definitely get you noticed. Get ready to be asked, “Where’d you get that bag?”.

Time to Really Do Something About Barriers of Success for Women of Color: Find Ways To Deal With Double Jeopardy & The Concrete Ceiling of Racism & Lack of Diversity. Wake Up.

Why not more diversity in the U.S. Work force.
Some say lack of diversity is due to there not being enough qualified talent.
Not hiring qualified women of color in technology is keeping women out [Period}
Microaggressions, unconscious bias, & lack of representation are examples.
Practice upholds and enable racism and discrimination in the workplace to go on.
Need to do something about barriers to career success standing in way of women of color.
See 5 actionable ways that leaders and management teams can begin to level the playing field for women of color:

Black Women Founders Mattering; Challenged to Raise Funding for Ventures; Market & Capital Sourcing Are Controlled by White Males. Change Under Way.

Black Women are about to matter more.
Black female entrepreneurs face a challenge when they try to raise to money.
The funding market is predominantly a white and male venture capital industry.
So venture capitalists have tendency to believe in & fund  founders in this group.
But change is about to occur – women in sports, entertainment, and government leading movement to change.
Serena puts the ball in the Industry court..

NADA Talks Car Biz Diversity But

The National Automobile Dealers Association says it seeks to be diverse and have gender balance among its members.
But while it seems to be able recognize the organization’s problem, seizing opportunity & need to act is the challenge.
Now claims new awareness of imbalance & inequity is an “awakening” by doing “something” about racial & gender imbalance.
But still there are only 3 women yet 32 men on NADA Staff & Executive Committee. One black & one Latina.

7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

Men still seem to be uncertain & sometimes unaware of how women are doing with or in their organization, family, church, club and neighborhood.
There seems to be a new book or business pub article telling men what they should or can be doing to support and learn from women.
These 7 lessons from two authors of repute and credibility might be a timely & instructional list of action-able even on Zoom during COVID 19.

What Do You Suppose Would Happen if Women Made All the Retail Automotive Management Decisions? Credit, Personnel, Sales & Service? If Owned & Ran the Store?

Women are not really running most automotive dealerships.
For example, only 19 % of F&I management professionals are women.
Women are the majority of employees working in auto dealership.
Most are in the office management & administrative positions.
Men make the decisions; Women, generally, do the crunch work. This needs to change.

The Management & Leadership of the Automotive Business Model & Platform Is Still Not Providing the Career Opportunity & Empowerment for Women.

Even though it seems at times that neither men nor women can figure out what to do about the imbalance in the automotive industry,
Here are some action-ables until the next posting about the problem.
If the industry wants to attract and retain a gender-diverse workforce, it should realign its cultural norms to make them more conducive for all;
Weed out the biases that discourage women from joining auto companies;

Women of Color Automotive Network Formed To Do Something to Get Male Dominated Industry Talking & Acting on Race, Women Empowerment, & Gender Imbalance

The auto industry has and still is finding it difficult to deal with issues of women & race.
Women of color and women in general continue to struggle for empowerment & identity in the Automotive Industry.
There is still an imbalance in industry leadership, management, and ownership.
Highest ranked women of color in the industry leaving GM dramatizes the need for nonwhite women to lift themselves up & find open doors

How Men Talk to Women: Use of Gendered Language Perpetuates Major Obstacle for Women to Lead in the Workplace

You talking to me? The way men and women talk to each other is a problem & a challenge.
The use of gendered language by males perpetuates workplaces that favor men.
This language needs to change because the needs of those who use it have changed.
Using gender inclusive language like “they” instead of “he” or “her” is a major step toward inclusion