Bud Gets Better With BetterUP’s Women Focused Leadership Program Brew

Things and people are getting better by working at or maybe even drinking Bud.
AB Bev that owns Budweiser brands is focusing on leadership programs with emphasis on women.
It seems that women are just not being hired or entrusted with high level management positions at many companies.
Budweiser seeks to fix that situation, but the brew is not as far along as they would like.

The Country has TRUMPHOBIA – An Affliction of Silence & Muted Response Caused by Fear & Aversion to Confront the Truth about Donald Trump

Time has come for congressional leadership to speak out about what Trump is doing and has done.
A kind of fear to speak and confront has apparently come to the U.S. Congress.
Maybe to the American people as a whole- definitely those who lead & shape public opinion.
All it takes is a small group of what we thought we leaders to act – and soon.

Recyclers Using AI Robots to Manage Messy Waste Processing

The U.S. cannot send it waste to China any more. Technologies have been developed to process and breakdown plastics, electronics, and all recyclable materials.
The process of dealing with all this waste is dirty, dangerous, and almost daunting.
Companies like AMP Robotics are enabling AI & Robotics to handle this massive cleanup and breakup of industrial and domestic waste.

Now we need more government and private enterprise to utilize and integrate the use of these recycled materials.


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