You Might As Well Just Chill; Do Nothing; Wait for a Soft Landing: So Principal Focus Is Just Chill; Sit & Watch; Inflation & Interest Slowed

Close your mouth;

Don’t Say anything

Just be silent; Say nothing;

During a period of dismal performance, & rising rates experienced.

People tend to want to prevent losses by making moves;

As market goes up & down – they seek to control outcome;

But it just does not work.

As The Stock Market Goes Up & then down people chase it;

Market has & will come back before ;

Buying & selling at right time is going to happen.

Go back to basics of investing

You Gotta Be Kidding? You Work for Big Tobacco? Somebody Has to Work for Bad Companies; Was Done For Money & Filling a Need;

It all about the pay not the cause;

Why do people work for companies that are “bad”?

Employees often proud of their jobs in bad companies.

Known as “sin industries”—booze, gambling, tobacco and more;

Some say pay is the reason—Executives demand.

People work there out of choice Or Free Market Narrative

An attitude that I am going to do it no matter.

People who do this work think of it as important

It’s All in How Products Labeled; Need for Natural Labeling Standards & Common Designations; Clear Up the Confusion;

We can save food that is being wasted;

Reducing waste by new way of labeling

Labeling that allows going past dates;

Business Case Needed for labeling;

“Best before” & “Use By: being used

Use of Sniff Test for milk is giving extended use.

Codes for dates used by store workers;

Do Not use periods as actually longer,

National legislation needed to extend & clarify dates;

New source of food by extending labeling dates

Expiration is not end of use,


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