Not Enough Women Are Being Backed By Investors: Female Entrepreneurs Need Access to Capital. Conference Panel Focuses on How to Get Money & Resources

Small business needs more investment, particularly women owned companies.

Panel at National Small Business Week Virtual Summit Highlights featured Women & Capital
Session on “Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs”

Pandemic created circumstances that have disproportionately impacted women-owned businesses & women entrepreneurs

Penn State Startup Seeks to Understand & Improve Emotionally Healthy Children. Mission is to Reduce Disruptive Behavior & Produce Safer Schools

Penn State Startup TEAMology helps students  to develop socially & emotionally.
Fills need to understand & improve emotional health in children
Seeks to Enhance child’s ability to succeed in school, career, & life.
Based on Resiliency – a core facet of social emotional wellness
Focuses ability to bounce back when something tough happens.
Helps students understand they can overcome obstacles

MS13 Gang Holds Grip on MacArthur Park. Attacks Transgender Women; Has Shadow Authority Over Residents & Local Economy in LA. Victims Told to Pay Rent or Die

Famous LA Park becomes Work place for famous LA Gang.
Homeless and Sex workers are extorted by MS !3 Gang.
Forces park residents to pay “tax” rather look over their shoulder.
To MS-13, MacArthur Park is not just a territory but a source of revenue.
Gang tries to collect a percentage of everything sold inside it: drugs, food, gambling, sex.
Gang has even begun demanding rent from people living in the park.
Appears that LA Police regard situation to be under control. Shocking as it is


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