Graphene in Autos Using Generative Design Accelerates Future of Safer Street-Legal Race Car, Meds, & Bioelectric Devices.

Graphene, sometimes referred to as Graphite as used in pencils,
In spite of its complex structure may impact the safety of future automobiles.
Graphene has tremendous applications in composites & coatings in vehicles and in medicine
The material is light, strong enhancing the safety of safe vehicles.
Material has growing applications aircraft and automotive composites.
Most important attribute is weight savings in vehicles.
Widening applications for the material in the form of powder. Used in production of coatings for touch screens & precise sensors & displays.

Stop Being Dealers: How Dealers Can Survive Coronavirus Threat and Thrive

The time and opportunity has come for auto dealers to become the personal and commercial managers of the customer’s vehicles. A Total Transportation Management service offered by traditional dealers will save their business and fill a long standing need.