Smart Cities Mobilizing Vehicle Road Dynamics Insight to Gain Real Time View of Traffic Planning & Road Maintenance; AV’s May Reduce Volume, Increase Flow.

We have got to know the surface conditions and traffic volume on city streets.
There is an obvious if not overwhelming need to monitor street & road condition and maintenance needs
Ultimately, good road surface can increase traffic flow in cities.
Road evaluation & Process can provide technology & process now available.
Surface DNA from Tactile Mobility looks for characteristics of a road or street.
Such as roadway grades, banking, curvature, & mapping of hazards (potholes)
From this data and analysis cities can begin to solve the present traffic congestion & loss of productivity

Amazon Zoox-ing Closer to Last Mile & Autonomous Vehicle Package Delivery

Amazon is systematically taking over the logistics and delivery channel for it’s goods & services.
Company has changed not only how goods are delivered, but now made, manned, and mainstreamed.

Two things could constrain Amazon from complete control of the delivery channel: COVID19 & U.S, Regulators.