Breaking Through the Silence & Inaction in Automotive about Racism, BLM, & Change – All Talk Again?

Companies in automotive and corporate America are now doing a lot of talking & focusing of the issues brought by the massive response to Black Lives Matter.
However, if what has been reported — even surveyed and measured–and history is to be examined to see if this is a repeat of past acknowledgement but no real change or changes have happened.
Now it is up to the visionary leadership of the automotive Industry to adopt and implement initiatives and programs to bring more Blacks and minorities into leadership, equity positions, and empowerments.

Has Corporate Automotive, The Dealers, & The Industry Orgs Failed Black America?

Black Lives matter among automotive companies but do their careers, opportunities, and leadership matter? Sunday NYT Business section article on “Corporate America Has Failed Black America” has caused this premise to be reviewed with haste by the automotive industry corporate community. Changes are about to come about in the Board of Directors, Management teams, and corporate policy and practices.