They’re Still Off & Not Running: How to Make Sense Out of CHRB Race Horse Necropsies, Vet Reports, & Wimpy Maryland Lasix-Free Pilot Program Agreement for 2023

The issues, challenges, and inaction of the combined horse racing infrastructure are gradually doing it in.
The use of performance enhancing drugs like Lasix has been dealt with –in Maryland recently, but not a ban for nearly 3 years from now.
The California Horse Racing Board Report is full of tests and scientific pub reference but little action on year old report.

Now Six Whips Per Race? Does the CHRB, Owners, The Stronachs, & Jockey Guild Realize How Awful that Sounds?

Horse Racing is under more scrutiny than ever. Industry groups and governing boards like the California Horse Racing Board continues to seek to solve and not solve the real problem that causes young horses to be put down.

The latest effort by the CHRB is to limit the number of times a jockey can use a whip to hit a horse during a race. That is now six times per the ruling that goes into effect in October. Meantime, it is business as usual.