How to Avoid a Climate Disaster – Live Virtual Event

Why this Online Presentation
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical—and accessible—plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe
Gates will be in conversation with climate change activist, philanthropist, and award-winning actor Don Cheadle.
Cheadle is a bestselling co-author about genocide in Darfur.

CA Gov Sez No Fracking Way; Then Wonders If His Plan Has Power to Stop Hydraulic Fracking by Big Oil; Political Dogfight Coming As Newsom Ponders

What the Frack is going on? Newsom has promised to faze out gas powered vehicles and fracking.
But, Unions & oil companies do not think Governor understands worker plight if ban in effect.
So appears that Issue being punted by Newsom to CA legislature.
Measures of this magnitude need full support of Newsom’s growing influence & leadership.
Looks like either all out fight or delay til 2022.

Out of Control COVID19 Has Made Threat of Climate Change Catastrophe Asymptomatic & Lesser Priority

Taking on Climate Change. Just when the Country seemed to be ready to build on the momentum for action to cope with Climate Change, the Pandemic hit.
The lack of leadership from the national U.S. government has muddled priorities, down graded climate standards, regs, and enforcement
By and large. the division about which way to go has stalled the movement when there is NO time to waste. The Time article is almost a must read. Says it all.

Can You Tread Water? What Stands in Way of People & Companies Really Getting into Climate Change?

It seems apparent that not enough people in positions of power and influence are interested in acting on the criticality of Climate Change.
The legislative bodies at the state & national level just do not regard climate to be a priority in the face of a pandemic and public indifference.
The next big crisis for the U.S. & the Globe may be the collapse of the eco-system and our inability to do anything about it. Can we tread water?

Seizing the Moment to Take On Three Crises at Once – Flatten Curves of COVID19, Climate, & Now Racism

Can we do it? Can the World with leadership from the U.S. and Europe activate, mobilize and focus the resources needed to solve climate change, stifle COVID 19 and any future pandemics, and deal with the inequities of race and economies? We have no choice but to “Seize the Moment?