GETTING BATTERY-ED ABOUT—Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Dominant in China Vehicles & Now At Tesla; Safety, Longevity, & Cost Makes LFP Batteries More Attainable;

Eureka– we have a battery that really works;

Half of vehicles produced globally were built with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries;

Increasingly popular lithium-ion battery chemistry tends to be safer & less expensive—

LFP became the dominant chemistry for batteries produced for Chinese EVs;

Made out of iron & phosphorus, both of which are more abundant & less expensive

LFP battery packs can cost less than $90 per kw;

Trade-offs include lower energy density, meaning lower range,

Had so far limited its use in EVs.

First was to produce an EV Battery with performance

Then cost reduction and supply.

Australian Battery Tech Working in Utility Market: But Tesla Batt Day Suggests Hornsdale & Other Battery Sources & Types to be Tested & Possibly Utilized.

In spite of success and utilization of the Hornsdale batteries, there seems to be Tesla need for more power & long charge.
Number of other battery technologies are in development.
Battery costs continuing to fall & renewable power sources proliferating.
Cobalt-free iron phosphate design that could cost as little as $80 per kWh.
Tesla hoping batteries can function for million miles before being replaced.