Study Finds 3 Markers That Could Help Predict Fatal Horse Racing Injury Risk By Using New Blood Test; Markers Right 33% of Time

Getting on the Right Marker– at least three so far.
Horse Racing Industry is in desperate need to effectively predict horse injury.
Studies to learn why young horses are continuing to break down at every track are underway.
Respected scientists & track vets are doing studies to find answers. So far results are partial but promising
Two studies seek to identify race horses at risk with early warning signs of fatal injury.
Test involve Inflammatory RNA Marker Protein that may enable the prediction of breakdowns. Promising but not yet there.

Leading Horse Racing Trainers & Professionals Seek Legislation Stalled By Congress To Clean Up Industry & Prohibit Performance Enhancing Drugs

The Horse Racing Industry remain in peril and threat of extinction.
Key legislation seeks to deal with use of performance drugs and other abuses is stalled in Congress
The proposed Horse Racing Integrity Act (HR1754/S1820) has not moved out of committee since introduction.
With the pandemic prohibiting racing crowds at major tracks, the industry infrastructure & leadership is stuck and silent. Nothing is happening.