7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

Men still seem to be uncertain & sometimes unaware of how women are doing with or in their organization, family, church, club and neighborhood.
There seems to be a new book or business pub article telling men what they should or can be doing to support and learn from women.
These 7 lessons from two authors of repute and credibility might be a timely & instructional list of action-able even on Zoom during COVID 19.

Five Lessons from Fearless Female Leaders – Now For the Males

Women influence or actually accomplish most vehicle sales and selections. The operative functions in a dealership are handled and managed by women like HR, Finance, and Customer Service. Yet less than 25% of the auto dealership employees are females and few dealerships, OEMs, and suppliers are lead and managed by women.
It is now becoming apparent that in order for women to gain parity in automotive, they need to gain the backing of financial resources like venture funding, bank underwriting, and capital allocation. That’s where they are now going.