On The Bot Delivery Service Working On Sidewalks With Human Assist & City Policy Maker Sanction

You gonna share the sidewalk with Robot? The way or no way,
A lot seems to depend on City government collaboration & regulation.
Cities & Robot makers working to find the benefits & applications.
Allowing the bots to work on the streets along with scooters and ride hailing.
Kiwibots delivery bots are seeking to adapt to the needs of customers and city regulators.

Working Starship Robots Safely Delivering Goods, Food, & Packages for the Last Mile Globally

Robots from Starship Technologies are making delivery by robot really work. Company is fresh off a $40 M funding round.
The robotics startup now in a much-changed market brought on by the COVID Pandemic & demand.
Starship’s focus is entirely on building & commercializing fleets of autonomous sidewalk delivery.