How Do You Get Your News? When Was Last Time You Read an Entire Article in a Newspaper? Local & National Newspapers in Peril; Need Integrated Content

No Time to really read a newspaper or even a magazine.
Print versions of newspapers & magazines are being read less & less.
Print format, content, layout & writing styles do not seem to have changed.
Many titles & local newspapers suffer from broad trend toward “fragmentation” of all media
Need a complete change to new multi-media, multi-platform, & content presentation that includes all forms & formats

Biden Still Wary of Silicon Valley Big Tech

Get Biden Techy. Now there is an opportunity for a Biden presidency to integrate Silicon Valley technology into administration..
Seems to be a need to examine & position anti-trust, social media, digital divide, & big tech’s size.
Domestic surveillance & misinformation are major concerns of Big tech leadership & the Biden team.