Your Next Amazon Delivery Will Be By?—USPS Van, UPS Truck, Cargo Bike, Robot or a Drone. Delivery Logistics Now Manned But Soon Unmanned?

Stand by. Your next home delivery of an online order could by several means.
By van vs Bike vs Drone vs Robot or Person   Which means to be used?
Accelerated by COVID 19. Home delivery is now essential to public & companies.
Delivery may be a combo of truck, bike and even drone.
How Fetch works [ an example] -Receives & stores packages from any carrier at its facility.
Notifies given resident. Resident then uses the Fetch app to schedule a delivery.
Fetch delivery person will bring the package directly to the resident’s door.

Working Starship Robots Safely Delivering Goods, Food, & Packages for the Last Mile Globally

Robots from Starship Technologies are making delivery by robot really work. Company is fresh off a $40 M funding round.
The robotics startup now in a much-changed market brought on by the COVID Pandemic & demand.
Starship’s focus is entirely on building & commercializing fleets of autonomous sidewalk delivery.