Mad as Hell; Had Enough; Can’t Just Sit Here Anymore; Frustration Causes Warrior Coach to Blast An Appeal to Congress; Senators Remain Silent While People Outraged;

Finally time to do something

NBA Coach, Steve Kerr, blasts Congress for not acting on gun control;

Kerr appealed directly to Senators about Need to pass HR 8:

Wants every person to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister or brother.;

Ask Yourself –How would you feel if this happened to you today?

Need for Agent Orange Coverage Still Colors Vet Benefits While Trump & Congress Stall Bill

And we thought Viet Nam was behind us, Not for the vets who served & persevered
Nam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange are apparently still not receiving proper VA benefits.
House & Senate passed National Defense Act seeks to cover benefits but slow to put bills together & implement.
Trump people apparently stalling the combining of two bills passes as part of National Defense bill.
Trump and Congressional leaderships seems to be sitting on the final bill.
Reconciliation of House & Senate bills is needed to pass NDAA legislation.
Thousands of Vietnam veterans still living with chronic health conditions.